Krispy Kreme Mascot

The Krispy Kreme Mascot store is known as a Factory Shop, so they cook their donuts fresh onsite. Being right next to the Domestic T2 Airport we just had to visit.

The Mascot store offers

  • Full delicious doughnut range
  • ‘HOT NOW’ light – when the light’s on, doughnuts are being made fresh on site
  • Convenient Drive Thru
  • Barista crafted coffee
  • Relaxing Dining area with Free Wi-Fi

Our experience

Service was super friendly and energetic by the male barista, this guy looked like he’d eaten about 6 donuts and had a sugar rush to deal with.

Ordering our donuts was a poor experience, quite a polar opposite. We had to repeat our order 4 times to the lady and we still did not get what we were ordering. By the 4th time we were becoming a little aggravated and didn’t want to order any more.

The donuts did not actually appear to be fresh, they seemed to be yesterdays donuts, they were also way too sweet. I started getting sweaty and feeling very very sick. We end up taking the remaining 8 donuts with us for later and bought a bottle of water on the exit.


At $19.95 for a dozen Original Glazed donuts, no it’s not worth it. They are a very overpriced donut and should be priced at $9.95 for a dozen Original Glazed donuts.

Prices only go higher from here for anything that has Jam, Nutella, Nuts, Lollies, Icing, Chocolate, and Colouring


We’ve eaten Krispy Kreme donuts before and while I did not have the same experience of getting sweaty and feeling very sick, I also did only stick to ordering the Original Glazed donut.

Krispy Kreme is an every now and then type food and should not be consumed daily. For me, I will never consume another of these overly sweet donuts, I do not wish to feel sick after eating this ‘food’. I can only imagine what my body is going through after eating this.

In saying that, I do still want to try a McDonald’s Cheeseburger between 2x Original Glazed Donuts.

Contact Details

Address: 7 Ross Smith Drive, (Sir Reginald Ansett Drive) Mascot, NSW 2020
Phone: (02) 9313 4394

Operating Hours
Sunday – Thursday: 5.30AM – 11PM
Friday – Saturday: 5.30AM – 1AM
Drive Thru: 24 Hours, 7 Days