KFC Lindfield

KFC is a Fast-food chain known supposedly for its buckets of fried chicken, plus wings & sides.

Take a step back after ordering your food and just see how much chicken you have been given for the money you just paid. You will find that ordering any ‘Meal Box’ and paying in excess of $10 gives you approximately 100 grams of chickens,  while you have chips, mash potato and gravy (it’s potato and more potato) you are being ripped off. You’re at a chicken store who’s main ingredients are bread and potato not chicken.

KFC Burgers are embarrasing, it’s a bun with 2 strips of chicken that do not even come close to filling the bun, maybe some mayonnaise and that’s it. There burgers would improve greatly with tomatoe and coleslaw added to the burger as standard.

Mind you the latest item on the KFC menu is Potato and Gravy balls, not chicken! POTATO.

If you were to consider the reality that you can buy an entire chicken for $4, the seasoning is not that secret believe me and it’s not really hard to coat and fry chicken. You really are getting absolutely no chicken for a lot of your money.

Most Australian’s are waking up to the fact that this oily, over priced Potato and Gravy serving fast food chain is just a rip off and no good for your health. The next time you are walking past a KFC, Walk away and do it now!

Our Experience

We’ve visited the KFC Lindfield store a few times recently. Suffice to say the first 2 times we were served in average time and the food was average but not too oily. Our third visit rendered something completely different.

Our order was taken and we waited for approx 15 minutes for the food, we were then advised that they did not have any regular chicken and there was a wait of about 5 minutes. So they suggested we change from the original to zinger on the burgers. We decided to change one of the burgers to zinger and keep original on the other.

Since we did that they then suggested we change the original to crispy strips instead, so we did that.

What we ended up with was one Original burger (that they said they did not have) one Zinger burger and a bastardised burger with 2x tiny chicken strips.

So we took it back, and stood at the counter being ignored for 5 minutes while staff talked to each other. It was not until we said excuse me that we actually got someones attention.

We asked for the Original to be changed to a Zinger, and our bastardised burger to have more chicken than the 2x damn small strips they put on it. This was changed very quickly for us without question. However they still screwed it up by giving us a small chips in the meal box rather then the original large.

All of this purposely goes on in order to not supply you with the same amount of chicken you originally asked for. We’ve experienced the same swapping out of chicken across 5 stores in NSW so far, and I doubt this is a coincidence.


This is worth mentioning as the tables are never wiped down, on all 3 occasions we’ve had to ask for a napkin and wiped down the table with anti bacterial hand wash. No one ever comes and says I can do that for you, or I will just wipe the table down for you. The bin was overflowing and people started to leave rubbish on top of the bin cabinet.

The floors and kitchen are just filthy.


KFC at Lindfield have demonstrated poor customer service, the staff are often rude and ignore you. The food is of average quality and often sub standard leading to tasting bad. If there are more than a few people in the store it’s almost guaranteed your order or food are not going to be what you expected.

Contact Details

Address: 302 Pacific Hwy, Lindfield NSW 2070
Hours: Open today · 10:30am–10pm
Phone: (02) 9415 8594