JWA Cafe Erina Fair

The JWA website reads “JWA Café produces custom roasted coffee beans that are roasted to the best quality and tailored specifically to the customer’s needs. With a true passion and dedication for speciality coffee, JWA Café  is committed to providing excellence in its product and service”

Our Experience

Now there is nothing wrong with a local business providing locals with food, coffee and a place to chill. But we do have a problem with JWA Cafe.

JWA Cafe is owned and run by your run of the mill mum and dad business who have no real experience in hospitality, cafes, food or drink. The food quality, the way food is presented, to the slow and disorganised service are dead giveaways.

What’s more disturbing is that JWA Cafe has been running for almost 4 years now and have shown no real improvement along the way.

We remember the first time visiting JWA Cafe and asking for a Doppio. They did not know what this was. We had to explain it and hope it came out okay.

The second time we ordered an Iced Chai, the only thing is that they did not have any ice and the drink was served to me warm not chilled as the name says. This was served with a microwave reheated quiche that lacked flavour and seasoning.

Third time we ordered we waited 15 minutes for our drinks, despite the short queue of people. We ordered an iced matcha latte that had no flavour, but plenty of colour. Iced Chai that was too sweet and overpowering cinnamon taste and to top it off there was no almond milk available so we settled for coconut milk. The coconut milk tasted like it was from a can. (we’re not saying it was, it just tasted like it).

JWA Cafe are located 3 meters away from Coles Erina, so running out of products should never really occur. At least they could have offered to get some almond milk if we could wait. (Something that Jimmy G’s has done for us in the past)

While we acknowledge that there are a lot of bad cafes around the coast, JWA is not the worst. We would like to see them do better than they currently are. Jimmy G’s sets the bar quite high when it comes to quality, service and energy.

We’ve also eaten and had a few drinks at many Cafes across the Central Coast, Sydney and Melbourne to know what a good Cafe looks like.

Some of the biggest problems is that JWA Cafe are simply trying to do too much for the amount of staff and resources they have available to them. We see cakes a few days old, sausage rolls not quite right and other slices a little too dry. It, unfortunately, impacts on the service and takes away from being able to produce quality products.

Im not going to doubt the qualified chef that works their, but only if they ordered some items in already done to free up some time to make some of their own excellent quality products most of their problems would be solved.

During busy periods they also need to dedicate a staff member or 2 to making coffee and others to do food and ensure they stay in this area until the busy period has dropped off.

The staff lack energy and a fun friendly vibe normally found in Cafes, there’s not much laughter and smiling going on. It’s this type of energy that draws customers. Why do you think BOOST JUICES is so successful? It’s not the juice.

Contact Details

Address: Terrigal Dr, 2250 Erina
Phone: 0413 078 514

Email: mycafejwa@gmail.com

Monday 7:00am – 6:00pm
Tuesday 7:00am – 6:00pm
Wednesday 7:00am – 6:00pm
Thursday 7:00am – 9:00pm
Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 8:00am – 5:00pm