It’s time to reconsider if you should still be going to your holiday destination as Australia burns

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While most of NSW & QLD sit in a cloud of smoke today surrounded by fires (the worst we’ve seen yet), it’s time to reconsider that already booked holiday destination. We get it, you’ve been waiting for all year to get away from the grind of work.

Tourism Australia is making the call advising people to still go and do not cancel, but is that actually the smartest idea?

Our climate is saying otherwise, and given the dangers of high temperatures and extremely drier than usual conditions, fires are popping up everywhere. Aeroplanes may be grounded due to smoke, roads might be closed stopping you from getting to your planned destination and your house and contents may be at risk of fire damage.

So far businesses have reported the roads being a lot emptier than usual, people are choosing to stay local, not necessarily put the holiday on hold but have their holiday local.

A work colleague, Adam left for his family holiday destination just days ago. So far he has reported not being able to get through and had to make an unplanned stop at a caravan park for 2 days. They’re considering turning back home as it’s been a waste of time and no indication of when they can get through and what will still be open.

At this point, it’s a better choice to stay local, take some of the money and pop it on the credit card or mortgage. Stay indoors and stay safe.


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