Is freedom of information and our right to write reviews under attack?

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Freedom of information and peoples rights in Australia to write fair reviews is absolutely under attack every day.

What I find interesting is that corporate business is more willing to make an effort to protect their image than they are to do the right thing. Why not give a customer the good service they deserve instead of treating the customer like crap, not listening to the complaints and then threatening them with legal action for writing about their own experience.

Threats like this do not land a company in a good position with us and we actively act against the companies motivation to conceal the truth.

Every human being should stand for their rights to complain about a product or service, a right to review and speak about their experience and of course stand for freedom of speech.

We recently published an article regarding a dispute between a real estate agency and a tenant. This article was removed days after due to this exact approach taken by the company, to threaten legal action.

This company will have its day, and people will find out the truth in the end. The real estate agencies approach tells you enough about them and how they see customers.

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Chet Carter is an IT Professional of 22 years, but has worked with a range of businesses giving him in-depth understanding of many different industries. Chet Carter is a business owner but shares his knowledge and experience through posts like these.

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