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Buying a home is supposed to be an exciting time until you come across people like Inspect My Home.

It all started off with shopping around for different prices for a Home and Pest Inspection. Inspect My Home was not the cheapest on the market, there were some cheaper and some more expensive, but all offered the same inspection service. Inspect My Home charged $440 for a Building and Pest Inspection.

So how did Inspect My Home get the job? They were the only building inspectors available who could do the inspection in the next 2 days.

Calling and booking were smooth and straight forward, taking my money were quick, and providing a day and time also very prompt. Within 30 minutes I had an email confirming my booking. All good so far and no warning signs.

The warning signs came when I found out that the real estate agent was out onsight with the Building Inspector.

The report was delivered 2 days later and was very generic with a lot of ‘not able to access’ comments in the report. The report left us guessing and did not tell us anything we didn’t already know. I continued and purchased the house.

A few months in we noticed sagging of the roof, floorboards moving and just a general feeling of something not quite right. We called out 3 builders at separate occasions to advise and quote on fixing the issue.

All 3 builders looked under the house and advised of sinking peers, peers not spaced correctly to support the house and a sinkhole under the house and that was with a 10-minute look with no bullshit excuses of ‘not able to access’. The reality here is that Inspect My Home was negligent and the house was unsafe. One builder surprised the house was still standing.

We then had the problem fixed and then made contact with Inspect My Home, who have ignored me until I called 4 times in one day. Then put me through to a manager who advised that the Builder no longer works for the company and that’s why he has not called me back.

I then sent an email through with the problems and asked for them to reply and address them, they failed to do that. I then called on 2 further occasions, and they are not calling back.

I letter of demand has now been sent, and we are into our 13th day for a response. I doubt they will respond to that either.

Here is a company that is hoping that I do not follow through and I just go away. I’m personally disappointed that they have not called me once to sort out the issue, nor have they followed up with me at any stage.

Disclaimer: man pictured in image does not have anything to do with this article or Inspect My Home

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