Architecture and construction integrated into a process that promotes creativity, flexibility and efficiency.

InForm is a residential design and construct company.

In association with architects Pleysier Perkins, InForm provide a holistic service including architecture, interior design, cost planning, permit acquisition, building documentation and construction.

InForm offer a wide range of pre-designed houses or a custom architectural design service.

The pre-designed houses are the result of a rigorous collaboration between Pleysier Perkins and InForm. While consistently modern, the range is diverse with unlimited flexibility in the way the designs can be developed. The result is therefore always unique and considered, tailored to suit our clients’ tastes and requirements.

All projects, including pre-designs and custom designs, begin with a concept design stage where a site plan, floor plans and a 3D model are completed prior to a building quotation being established. The final design specifications and interiors are then determined in collaboration with our clients prior to completing contract documentation.

Contact Details

Address: 229 Bay Road, Sandringham Vic 3191
Phone: +613 8567 3800