I can say what I want to say ain’t nothin to it


It is important to always speak your mind, if your ‘friends’ cannot handle this then they are probably not true friends.

Recently, a friend that I have known on and off over the last 17 years decided to take offence and get upset about an article that I had written stating my own opinion. It was not about my friend but about the product being sold.

He got on the phone and told me to keep my opinions to myself, pull my head in. This just pissed me off as it is everything I’m against. I will not keep my opinions to myself, we all have a right to speak our minds and we all shall not be suppressed.

I responded with, “yes, it’s my opinion” he hung up and has not spoken to me since. This is not really a big problem as it’s more important to stand firm with what you believe in.

This realistically has not been the first time I’ve had a different opinion and he’d prefer that my opinion not be spoken. Not this time.

In life, our relationships with others shape how well we live and how happy we are. If you are always biting your tongue out of fear that you will offend someone, or that you will be perceived as pushy, or bitchy – then you are internalizing these emotions.

Just because you don’t share them with others, doesn’t mean they don’t go away. In fact, researchers believe that people who bottle up their emotions actually drag out stressful situations longer than need be, and end up loathing themselves for their inability to speak up.

Eventually, you will find that others will respect you more when you speak your mind. They will also stop taking advantage of you, and see you as a person of worth. And most importantly, you will begin to recognize that your feelings matter as well and your own self-worth with improve.

Additionally, dealing with the frustrations of life as they arise, will ensure that you aren’t a ticking time bomb of health problems just waiting to erupt.

Ice Cube – Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It contains a strong message that we should never forget.


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