HP 17-BY0001TX 4DQ72PA 17.3"

HP Notebook – 17-BY0001TX 4DQ72PA

Consumer Review

I recently purchased an HP 17-BY0001TX 4DQ72PA 17.3″ Notebook, It featured Intel Core i5-8250U CPU, 2G-AMD Radeon 530 8GB Graphics and 2TB HDD and DVD with Windows 10.

The issue I have with the laptop is that the left-hand hinge has become loose over a short period of time through regular opening and closing of the laptop. This has also cracked the base.

I have contacted HP regarding warranty as the laptop is only 6 months old, and the damage is not through abuse or any type of impact. If it was I would have claimed it on my home insurance.

This is where the problem begins. HP requested photos to assess the laptop and advise what course of action I should take, they have basically told me it is my problem and they will not cover the repair.

I asked to be put further up the line to talk to someone but was given the same blunt answer that it is my fault. They then they offered to repair it and do the labour for free, they wanted me to pay for the parts, the parts estimate was $300.

I found the parts online for around $100 so I can only assume they wanted to get their labour fee paid for also. I have had numerous contacts with their warranty service with no success and having the same thing repeated to me every time like a broken record. I can only assume that is what they are taught at the GFY warranty school at HP.

I have looked online and found numerous laptops made by HP with hinge issues and various complaints regarding this issue but I have been told that my laptop is not one of the ones suffering from this issue, surprise surprise.

So in closing, if you want to purchase a laptop and want any sort of after-sales service or quality “STAY AWAY FROM HEWLETT PACKARD”!!!! this has been the worst experience I have ever had with any purchase I have ever made in the 50 years I have been on the planet.

I have had numerous laptops over the years and never had such a flimsy poorly constructed piece of shit before.

Reviewer Name: Chris M

HP 17-BY0001TX 4DQ72PA 17.3"

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