How do I remove my review?

Your reviews help other consumers make better purchasing decisions. Without them, our community and site wouldn’t exist.

My problem has been resolved or my opinion has changed

If you problem has been solved by the company, consider posting another review detailing your new experience. Posting about your most recent experience helps other reviewers and is a great way to forward your feedback to the company.

A company/business has asked me to remove the review

Provided your review is an expression of opinion (rather than a statement of fact) and you honestly held the opinion at the time you submitted your review to, you are protected by the law and should not feel legally threatened by anyone to remove your review.

I want to remove my review for privacy reasons 

Please consider editing your review (provided a company official hasn’t responded) or submitting a new review that excludes any personal information (names, contact details, etc.). You can also change your public display name by contacting us.

I still want to remove my review

If you still wish to remove your review, please contact us with the review details here