Holden, the taxpayers car


Whether you owned a Holden or like many, despised them it was your money that helped prop up their business.

We were sold this dream of Holden being Australia’s driving future and Holden representing Australian cars, all while millions of taxpayers dollars per year were effectively exiting Australia straight to the deep pockets of GM General Motors in Detroit USA.

General Motors Holden has revealed that it has received $2.17 billion in taxpayer money in the past 12 years (and that was back in 2013). They even suckered the Government for a $149 million grant to build a green vehicle. We all know that Holden was not capable of building anything green and environmentally friendly. Instead, they delivered a diesel-powered vehicle when this should have been electric.

It took 60 years building trust in Australia, and about 20 minutes on a Monday morning at the GM Head Office to end it all.

So many Australian’s are pissed off with Holden, they did the wrong thing by offshoring their operations. They took the money and ran. In turn, Holden’s Australian sales declined by over 30% in a matter of months. Finally, we’d had enough and it was inevitably Good Bye.

While Holden may be a part of Australian history, it’s not a history anyone will want to remember.

If you own a Holden, your vehicle is not going to be worth much at all. Don’t expect a surge in value. Finding parts and getting service will become more expensive.

In fact, selling your Holden is going to be a difficult task, because nobody wants a vehicle that is no longer manufactured and parts not readily available.

Holden has promised parts to be available for the next 10 years, but I guess they promised a lot of other things too.

I am proud to have never owned a Holden and I can confidently say I never will have the chance either.

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