Here’s why you cannot get a mobile signal in Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets

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It’s something you don’t really consider until you question it, and if it was in the best interests of Coles and Woolworths they would offer free Wifi to customers to help fill the void. The fact is, you cannot get a mobile signal in the middle of Coles and Woolworths supermarkets all over Australia. It’s no coincidence either.

We’re not going to accuse Coles and Woolworths of running Mobile Phone Jammers, but I would not be surprised. The official reason is the poor design of the supermarket and a lack of infrastructure for in building mobile signal.

But on the other hand that does not really explain why in a multitude of tests carried out of supermarkets in different locations, we interestingly found that we could get mobile signal in surrounding stores of the supermarket, just no signal within 2 – 3 meters of entering a supermarket.

Our testing showed that it was more rare than not that we could not achieve mobile phone signal in the entire shopping centre including surrounding stores and supermarket.

No signal in a supermarket actually benefits Coles and Woolworths greatly. It means customers cannot get online and compare prices and customers are not distracted on the phone while shopping.

Do you think that supermarkets should provide free Wifi to customers?

We feel it infringes on consumer rights to be able to fairly make buying decisions.

The ACMA discuss what a Mobile Phone Jammer is and how it works here

What are mobile phone jammers?

Mobile phone jammers are transmitters designed to interfere deliberately with licensed services operated by mobile carriers, including 2G (GSM), 3G and 4G (LTE) networks and equivalent services such as mobile WiMAX.

How do mobile phone jammers work?

Mobile phone jammers effectively disable mobile phones.A mobile phone works by communicating with its service network via a base station. A mobile phone jammer typically prevents the mobile phone from receiving signals from base stations. As a result, the mobile phone does not attempt to transmit to a base station, even though it may be within range.

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