Here’s What One Central Coast Taxi Driver Had To Say About The Public

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July 2017, a Central Coast Taxi driver by the name of David made public his views and thoughts of the public and would-be passengers of the taxi service.

After reading his comments it has sincerely left me knowing exactly why Uber is doing so well. My opinion is that Uber has been a much-needed breath of fresh air to a stale overpriced industry with ageing vehicles that are pretty unclean.

Here’s what David, Central Coast Taxi driver said..

“Central coast taxi driver, best around.

It’s a pity the losers who bag out the Central Coast Taxi industry are the ones who assault, abuse, destroy and can’t handle their alcohol, who are mostly business owners high on cocaine running a business around the Central Coast.

I can now fully understand why taxi drivers do not pick up these losers and whiners, who only whingers because they are booking taxis on weekends at the busy time of the night when Uber and bus services never run and never will.

But these whingers never use the taxi service from Monday to Friday when you have 65 out of 90 taxi drivers standing around for hours on ends at night from 6 pm to 3 am not putting food on their table not being able to socialise with their families and friends take holidays and get paid weekly wages, having to pay tax on every cent they earn.

People should start realising that taxi drivers are not their personal punching bag and those that do runners and assaults on taxi drivers every weekend delaying them up for hours while they make police reports should be totally ashamed of themselves.

They would not like it if we came into their workplace and abused them and run off without paying for the goods assaulting them.”

Our Response

David, firstly it’s probably not right to refer to Central Coast Taxi customers as losers or to generalise that the people bagging out the Central Coast Taxi service are drunks, high on cocaine or run a business on the Central Coast.

For one, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs and I don’t run a business on the Central Coast but I will tell you the service from the Central Coast Taxi business is horrible right from the word go and calling  131 008.

I’d agree that a lot of your customers who do use the service only need this service on the weekends. That is not their fault nor is it their problem that taxi drivers sit around doing nothing during the week in odd hours.

The problem is the way that the industry was set up and the way it currently works. Taxi services would best fit an on-demand model like Uber has done. A job comes through on an app and away you go.

There is enough data over the years to tell you when the busiest times are so there is no real excuse for sitting around at 3 am on a Tuesday night waiting for a non-existent job to come through. It’s like watching 50 seagulls and one hot potato chip.

My honest opinion here is that you need to raise these issues with the Central Coast Taxis board and start making changes that make sense. Alternatively, I would suggest that you start driving for Uber where you can pick your hours.

Additionally, most of us pay tax on every cent we earn, so it does not impress me when a taxi driver does a job “off the meter”. If I got to work and pay tax on my dollars so should the taxi driver.

On a final note, yes I do completely agree that people (customers) should not vent and use taxi drivers as punching bags. There are better ways of resolving these issues such as simply not using the Central Coast Taxi service and using something else.

Anybody who does a runner on a taxi driver should be ashamed of themselves, but once again if Central Coast Taxis changed their process like Uber has, you don’t get runners. You simply get billed on your credit card after the trip is complete.

I feel that one of the worst things ever done by Central Coast Taxis was to ask for money upfront from a customer. It’s hugely demeaning and shows disrespect towards the customer. No one wants to order a service and then jump in only to be accused of being a criminal.

When this type of process was implemented I and many friends chose to boycott the Central Coast Taxi service and that was 3 years ago. Since then I travel Uber only. So I hope you and Central Coast Taxi’s have learned their lesson because prior to that I was spending approximately $12,000 a year on taxi services.

I’m approximately $6000 richer each year, having nothing to complain about, I don’t have to stand around waiting for hours and 20 callbacks asking if a taxi is on its way. It’s amazing how life got simpler and the process cheaper all by simply taking my business elsewhere.

Contact Details

Address: 7 Merinee Rd, West Gosford NSW 2250
Phone: (02) 4337 3900 / 131 008

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