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Hello Plumbing cleaned our pipes of some tree root material and did a thorough job. The price charged was accepted.

They then strongly recommended that we have some if not all of the pipes relined as the terra cotta pipes were about to collapse. This was quite alarmist and they recommended we have the pipes relined post haste.

A quote was given with 3 options the least being $6,500 and to reline all the piping was $19,000. Thankfully I engaged another company to give me a second opinion.

I had all the pipes replaced for less than $2,500. My belief is that it was all about making some easy money at our expense. Dodged a bullet and thankful I went with a second company.

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Website: https://helloplumbing.com.au
Address: Level 2/3/7 Grosvenor Pl, Brookvale NSW 2100
 1300 303 055
hipages: https://hipages.com.au/connect/helloplumbing
ABN: 58608183240 / 57800680621



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