Gosford Railway Cafe

If you have ever travelled on a train from Gosford Station, you’ve probably seen and maybe even visited Gosford Railway Cafe.

Gosford Railway Cafe is not much to write home about, selling your usual pies, sausage rolls, bacon and egg rolls, sandwiches, coke affiliated soft drinks and tea and coffee.

The main issue we have with this Cafe is that it’s pretty on par to nursing home food. The brand of pies and sausage rolls are of poor quality and cheap brands that you would not usually eat. Seriously, they would benefit from at least starting to sell Coles brand of pies, they might have some flavour.

On 2 occasions I have found hair in a sandwich, I now refuse to buy sandwiches from them.

The cakes may look somewhat tempting, but they are the cheap disgusting Balfours cakes that have been frozen and thawed. When eating you can taste the freshness haha.. they are dry, fridge tasting. I’m sorry but a Donut should never crumble like a cookie, I almost forgot the thick layer of chocolate looking icing sugar that holds the whole thing together. It doesn’t even taste like chocolate.

The Coffee is shockingly awful, watery and way too hot.

It gets better, if you are looking for a vegetarian or vegan snack, do not waste your time here. All of their deep fried foods are cooked in animal fat. this includes the chips, potato gems, and vege patties. The Bacon is deep fried in the same oil.

It’s not surprising that you won’t find a salad or anything remotely looking like it’s healthy here. There is just no such thing as yoghurt and granola and a healthy start.

The customer service is hit and miss, especially with the hired help usually being rude and slow. Some with no personality at all. It’s a real shame as the owners are very friendly and super cool. I just wish we could get them to start cooking healthier better food.

The Gosford Railway Cafe is a takeaway store from the 1980’s and should not ever be referenced to as a Cafe. For one, cafe’s sell palatable coffee and usually have some type of healthy options.

Gosford Railway Cafe