Fujifilm instax mini 9

Fujifilm instax mini 9

Fujifilm Instax mini 9


Consumer Review

This product is a small camera, approximately 310 grams (without batteries) that can be taken anywhere, it works through AA batteries, being possible to take up to 100 photos.

It has a retro style and different colours available (lime green, cobalt blue, flamingo pink smoky white and blue ice). The camera can be used by many people, such as the occasional photographer, point guard photographer, nostalgic children or teenagers. The camera has a mirror on the front, where you can check the framing of the picture, ideal for those who do not give up selfies and can take pictures from up to 35cm away. Through high-key mode, you can automatically determine the brightness to take a picture best suited to the environment. With counter, it indicates how many photos are left for you.

Like other models, the camera adjusts to the ambient light, providing better quality photos. Why have an instant camera? Instant cameras are the ideal choice for those who love photography and not only want to publish them online but have them in hand so that the moment is forever in a special place. Compact and efficient, most models are small in size, easily fit in your pocket. Photos are usually printed in business card size, for example. Some models offer larger photo sizes. Fujifilm has a more affordable cost and more options on the market. There is a need to purchase instant films for the machine and can be located in the range of US29.00 to US89.00.

Nina Bergo

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