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2,500,000 visitors per month

2,500,000 visitors

We’re not a new review website, we’ve been around for quite some years and have quite a following. We are proud of our 2,500,000 visitors per month, people mainly drop by to read reviews.

6,500,000 pageviews per month

6,500,000 page views

Each visitor on average reads 3 reviews or posts, giving us a whopping 6.5 million page views. All reviews are read and approved, eliminating fake reviews from disgruntled ex-employees, competition and customers who didn’t get their way and threaten to write bad reviews.

4,000,000 Google impressions per month

4,000,000 Google impressions

Reviews and articles that appear on obtain a high ranking on Google. A considerable amount of our traffic is from people searching for reviews.

Everyone from the smallest business to the largest brand are jumping onboard Join the place where all the action is, unlike other review sites who only work with 4000 brands, we’re an open platform and welcome everyone.

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