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3 months ago we called Fluid Plumbing as our Hot Water tank was leaking from the drain valve, we were quoted a high price of $500 to change the valve and install a new anode rod. Solarhart offered the same deal but for $255. We went with Fluid Plumbing as they had the ability to put this on Openpay.

Fluid Plumbing booked in a time and said we will be there. We paid upfront and over the phone, but were now being told that we could not use Openpay because it is a minimum of $550. We agreed to pay an extra $50 just to use Openpay and we proceeded.

Fluid Plumbing booked in a time and said we will be there. They arrived 2 hours late, did not provide and actual invoice, to this date we still have their quote only which is not what we paid. Looking back at the Openpay transaction we were billed $729.15 all to have a valve and an anode replaced.

The extra charges that brought us to $729.15 were transaction fees I have to pay each time I pay the money back, This was something I was not told when deciding to go ahead using Openpay.

It gets better, today, which marks 3 months and 3 weeks since the service was provided, the valve is leaking AGAIN! So we called Fluid Plumbing and were sent to an out of hours call centre. I told customer service about the issue and that it had only been fixed 3 months ago. We were told that it would be a $250 call out fee to come and look at the issue, despite it only being fixed 3 months prior.

We refused, quite frankly we’ve spent enough on something that is so simple to fix.

The customer service agent proceeded to take down my details asking my name, address, phone number, email address. It started to get to a point that they were asking irrelevant questions to the case I had presented to them. I then asked if he would like to know what colour my underwear was, what colour my shit was this morning and what toilet paper I use because the questions being asked were irrelevant and far too intrusive.

We contacted Fluid Plumbing again and they sent a plumber out to look at the issue again, they decided to add a pressure reducer at no cost. This seemed to have worked for 2 weeks and now it’s leaking again!

There is no shortage of genuine and friendly plumbers around, sadly our experience with Fluid Plumbers tells us that these are not one of them. I will give Fluid Plumbing credit for showing up again to try and fix the issue and for not charging for the pressure reducer valve, but it got us nowhere again.

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