can be detrimental to the performance of your Org first appeared in 2009 and is a partner with It’s also worth noting that does not have any financial interest in FinancialForce to date. is a system built on top of the platform. There are huge benefits to in doing this, mainly access to the same database and sales data without needing any integration into and Reporting and Dashboards being already built by

The one thing, not often spoken about is the lacklustre performance has and yes it can take its toll on your entire Org. We explain below.

Every Org on a instance is allocated adequate CPU and RAM resources to run adequately. This includes custom Workflows, Apex Triggers, Apex Classes, API Calls and Custom Objects within the governed limits.

It’s also a given that accounting software products are very CPU intensive. For example, when posting a journal or running batches they either trigger and calculate immediately or they form a background process that is queued and executed when there are adequate resources available to do so.

This is where these 2 worlds collide. When you install into your Org the CPU and RAM allocation is not increased, therefore what you now have is an accounting system that is CPU intensive and leeches resources that would otherwise be allocated to the proper running of your Org. introduces 209 Objects, 79 Tabs, 351 Visualforce pages, 160 Apex Triggers and 3126 Apex Classes.

The end result is that you now have your Org and FinancialForce running very slow. In fact so slow that if you are doing any Apex development by yourself you might actually see some timeouts while trying to edit and save your code.

How slow is slow? Try approximately 3 minutes to search for a Business Name where there are only 18 records in the database. is not always this slow and some improvement can be seen around 2 AM in the morning. It seems to all depend on what other processes are running in the background at the time.

Mind you this could all be avoided if more CPU and RAM resources were allocated to the Org, and of course, if did not leech the resources from the Org.

Whos problem is it? It’s a fundamental design flaw in We believe there are no agreements in place between and should an Org require more CPU and RAM resources to be able to adequately run both the platform and

It’s worth asking about this if you a considering buying, and get something written in the contract that will take responsibility for fixing such speed issues should they occur.

The Support Desk has been horrendous, with no phone number to call. It’s a case of submitting a ticket and someone will get to it. This often causes a lot of going back and forwards and to be honest, a waste of time. We’ve not had any helpful and delightful support agents thus far.

There are other Financial ERP products around that will integrate into the platform quite nicely. We’d recommend shopping around and get your IT people onboard a meeting before buying. It’s truly important that you do not invest in a product that leeches resources from the proper running of