Fibonacci Coffee Lisarow

Fibonacci Coffee describes themselves as a Boutique espresso-bar chain serving house blends in contemporary surrounds, plus snacks.

I kind of wish that I read the snacks bit before deciding not to visit Gloria Jeans on my Saturday morning instead went on a search for a new Cafe that served substantial breakfast and lunches.

I called Fibonacci Coffee Lisarow and the phone rang out, despite the site saying Open. I called 15 minutes later and someone answered. I asked if they served food and something other than cakes and bacon. I was advised yes they do, but then was told: “you don’t want me to read the entire menu do you”. Thought it was bizarre but overlooked it.

20 minutes later we showed up at Fibonacci Coffee Lisarow. Their menu was very limited and was mainly bread, cakes and bacon. They did have one vegetarian burger on the menu $11 and that was it. We were in a way pissed off for being mislead on this.

We ordered 2x of the Vegetarian burgers, a juice $8 and a glass bottle coke $4.50. We paid by debit card because cash is so 1990’s.

About 10 minutes into waiting for drinks and food the server comes over and says sorry we do not have any Vegetarian patties. So we get up and consider cancelling everything and walking away like we should have to start with.

This gets interesting, that not one of there staff were able to do a refund, some rude employee walked past and said ahh that’s shit it’s a lot of effort to get a refund done. Was it cash? No debit card. That’s even worse! We’re going to have to call the owner to get the refund, just wait 10 minutes.

While we are waiting they suddenly find 2x Vegetarian patties, at this point we are still thinking of cancelling because of their unprofessionalism, but decide to sit down and let them finish the order.

25 minutes later our burgers show up. They consisted of a bread roll, mash potato pattie, lettuce and the tiniest amount of garlic mayonnaise. The burgers were dry, flavourless and a waste of money. We should have actually cancelled and just went to McDonald’s across the road.

We regret buying these burgers. The juice was good but not worth $8 for 300mls of liquid.

Will we return?

Never in a million years would I ever bother. Watching other people in the cafe, they were only there because they had enough of shopping in Woolworths and exited for a break, other customers thought the cafe was part of Woolworths.

The business does not seem to be attracting a young customer base who have money and want smashed avocado for breakfast. Instead there feeding off the walkthrough traffic of Woolworths and selling customers home brand lamingtons and average coffee. Since writing this review we’ve read other reviews of a rude staff member, and we’ve managed to identify who that it. That was the staff member who told us how hard it was to do a refund on debit card and had a major winge about it.

Contact Details

Address: 3 Parsons Rd, Lisarow NSW 2250
Phone: Call: (02) 4363 5713(02) 4363 5713