Fastway Couriers

Fastway Couriers is a courier delivery service headquartered in Napier, New Zealand. The company currently operates in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa.

Our Experience

We recently ordered approx a $1000 worth of network equipment and cables from a supplier. This was dispatched from the supplier the same day ordered. Fastway Couriers picked up the items and took them back to the Sydney depot. The items sat in the depot for 2 days without being touched by Fastway.

We called Fastway Couriers, someone in the Philipines answered. We advised that this was an urgent order and asked when it was going to be dispatched. They had no idea and could not tell us when but offered to mark this as urgent and would call us back when they had some details.

A few hours pass and we call again, still no answer on when it is going to be dispatched we now say “we need these items in the next 3 hours” we are going to come down the depot and pick up the items. We are now told that the items may not be ready for pickup and it can take up to 24 hours to be ready. Fastway Couriers then promised that they have marked the item for pickup and would let us know when to pick up.

By now we’re extremely angry with Fastway Courier’s incompetence, poor customer service and their unwillingness to help us out.

We contacted the supplier who offered for us to pick up a new batch of items direct from them, and they would issue a return to sender on the items that were supposed to be delivered.

30 minutes later we pick up the new batch of items from the supplier, bring the items back to the office, only to note as we are arriving back that Fastway Couriers had just delivered the items to us, despite customer service promising that the items were marked for pickup and the items being marked as return to sender by the supplier.

This demonstrates that there is no communication at all between teams and getting an accurate positioning of your items being couriered impossible.

We’d recommend avoiding sending via Fastway, additionally, check with your suppliers who they are using and request for the items to be sent to someone else. I know we will be in the future.

Fastway is a misleading name, there is nothing fast about their service. Simply horrible with bad customer service.

Contact Details

Address: 6 Hill Road, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
Phone: (02) 9737 8288


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