Fake RBT Scandal not limited to Victoria Police

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Fake RBT Scandal not limited to Victoria Police

It’s a matter of days ago where a report has shown that Victoria police faked 258,000 random breath tests over a 5.5 year period.

Acting Chief Commissioner Wendy Steendam believes that Police officers falsifying records is not a criminal offence and therefore the faked breath tests were not illegal. (but that an ongoing investigation into police-involved could uncover criminal acts.)

The question is, on what planet is falsifying records, not a criminal offence? Police officers are not above the law, and these officers have shown contempt for the law. It’s not surprising that Police are attempting to do nothing about it.

If this is the case, Police officers cannot be and should not be trusted. Watching the video below shows Russell Barrett smiling while discussing the issue and explaining that officials are going out to tell Police officers that they are not allowed to falsifying records. It’s something they should not have to be told.

The situation has been treated like a joke in front of the public, however, we want to ensure pretty quickly that Police officers are held accountable and are punished in accordance with law and that the people affected by the falsifying of records will be compensated for their loses.

We’re talking about people who may have done nothing wrong but were falsely charged. Many of these people may have had to pay fines and others may have had lost their jobs all because an officer was attempting to meet targets in the revenue-raising game.

We’d have to be ludicrously stupid to believe this type of thing is limited to Victoria. I have no doubts that similar falsifying of records occurs with NSW Police, QLD Police, WA Police and other states.

Our tips

  • Video record all interactions with any Police officer
  • Demand that proof is provided to you at the time of the alleged offence
  • Take fines to court and demand evidence be provided, it is no longer good enough to trust an officer of the law

If you believe that you were falsely accused by a Police officer now is a good time to contact your nearest Police station and file a hearing at your local court based on new information found that is “Victoria police faked 258,000 random breath tests, this leads to question who else faked random breath tests and what other accusations were falsified.”

Recently I was pulled over by a Police officer for allegedly not indicating while overtaking a vehicle, while I had 2x witnesses that know I did indicate and indicated for more than 5 seconds.

The Police officer was asked at the time to provide evidence, but all he could say was that it’s recorded and in the Police vehicle. When challenged through Revenue NSW and evidence was demanded they failed to provide evidence of the alleged offence but tried to enforce the fine. But on what grounds, that a Police officer saw something and that should be believed over 2 witnesses?

I call there BULLSHIT and I am taking this to court to wake these fucking animals up.

Role Occupant: Wendy Steendam
Role: Deputy Commissioner – Capability
Phone: 03 9247 6666
Address: Level 10, Tower 1, 637 Flinders Street Docklands Victoria, 3008

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