Dyson V8



Dyson V8

We’d love to tell you of our great experience with the Dyson V8, but sadly it has fallen short of every single expectation.

We’ve just paid $800 for a Vacuum cleaner where the battery lasts 8 minutes from a full charge. We rang the place of purchase immediately and said we have a faulty product can we return it. What’s wrong, I just finished charging it and in the middle of Vacuuming, it just dies about 6 minutes in.

We were then advised that it is normal for the Dyson battery to only last 7 minutes when on full power, and if you move it to lower suction it will last 18 minutes. What a joke!

We persevered with the Dyson V8 only to find that our hardwood floors are scratched from the soft roller head, and no there was nothing under the roller pad.

We’re sorry but it almost seems as if the Dyson V8 is not fit for purpose.