Don’t make the mistake of thinking that McGrath Real Estate has anything to do with McGrath Foundation


If it’s anything to go by, hearing the words McDonald’s and Ronald McDonald House gives an instant connection, the idea that while McDonald’s sells burgers it tries to do good through a charity to help kids.

It’s prudent to not make that mistake when it comes to McGrath Real Estate and McGrath Foundation. In fact, they have nothing to do with each other and were both started for very different reasons.

This is concerning as it means that McGrath Real Estate may actually be banking on the goodwill of the public, by the public making a common assumption that McGrath Real Estate has something to do with the McGrath Foundation which raises money to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia.

For McGrath Real Estate it all began in a small office in Paddington, Sydney, where John McGrath developed a real estate philosophy based on integrity and transparency, and a process to deliver outstanding results for clients.

The McGrath Foundation has become one of Australia’s most recognised and respected charities since Jane and Glenn McGrath’s very public experience with breast cancer. When Jane was diagnosed with cancer for a second time, she had the support of a breast care nurse, who both empowered and comforted her, and her family. This experience set the mission for the Foundation, which has become an enduring commitment: to ensure every family experiencing breast cancer has the support of a  Breast Care Nurse, no matter where they live – for free.

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