Domino’s Pizza Wyoming Unprofessional and Not Delivering the Goods

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Imagine working long hours all week and simply wanting to come home order some food in and spend time with your better half at the end of the week.

For one couple this did not go to plan thanks to an incompetent Dominos Pizza Store in Wyoming, NSW.

The couple visited the Dominos website, however the site was slow and orders were not going through. So they called their local store and spoke to a girl named Ebony.

An order was placed based on items appearing on the Dominos website

  • 1x Avocado Vege Pizza
  • 1x New York Cheese Pizza
  • 4x Mini Sundaes.

After the order being taken and paid for they were advised that it should be delivered within 20 minutes.

50 minutes pass and what arrived was a little different to what was ordered. 1x Avocado Vege Pizza, 1x New York Cheese Pizza and 1x Milkshake.

The delivery driver was advised that they did not order a milkshake but 4x mini Choc Sundaes. The delivery driver oddly packed up all the food and left.

There was no need to take back the pizzas they were fine but he did all over a milkshake.

The couple received a call from the store 20 minutes later from Ebony who said in her defense that Dominos have never sold mini Choc Sundaes so she changed the order to 1x milkshake instead.

The couple advised that Dominos do sell mini Choc Sundaes as they are on the Dominos website an were looking at them now.

Ebony did not take kindly to being told she was wrong and then told the couple that they were trouble and no longer could use Dominos services. The pizzas were not being sent out again and a refund would be issued instead.

1 hour and 10 minutes wasted only to find out that the couple now had to order from somewhere else and potentially wait another hour for delivery.

What exactly is going on with Dominos dodgy business? I’m sure we’re all tired of being fucked around and tired of our nights going to shit because of low life imbeciles who can’t get a thing right.
Why ruin someone else’s night? No one gets that time back, and all the Dominos team at Wyoming could say was “yeh anyway” and hang up.
The next time you are ordering for any occasion avoid Dominos and only order from people who ‘deliver the goods’
Dominos is not worth the time and effort.


To waste even more time of the customer Dominos have not provided a refund for non-delivered goods in almost 2 weeks. Now a phone call to head office will need to be made with further time wasted. The message is clear. Avoid Dominos Wyoming and save your self a whole lot of time.

Contact Details

Address: 3/482 Pacific Hwy, Wyoming NSW 2250
Phone: 1300 259 723
Saturday 11am–11pm
Sunday Closed
Monday 11am–11pm
Tuesday 11am–11pm
Wednesday 11am–11am
Thursday 11am–11pm
Friday 11am–11pm

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