Does Apple really care about the consumer?

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It’s just a matter of days ago when one of my work colleagues mentioned that she just got back from the Apple store after waiting around for 1 hour.  The reason, she had to take back her 5-month-old Apple iPhone 8 as it failed to turn back on, despite being plugged in and charged.

A few weeks prior, my work colleague had spent 2 weeks in Japan and used her iPhone 8 to take photos. All of these photos were lost.

Apple had diagnosed the iPhone 8 as having a faulty battery and replaced the unit with a new one. She was also happy to tout that she bought AppleCare at the time of buying the phone.

Sadly no care was given to the fact there was easily retrievable data on the phone that could have saved my work colleague a world of hurt.

The problem is that my work colleague could not have taken this phone to a third party, have it opened and a temporary battery installed in an effort to retrieve the data. Fearing it may void the warranty. Apple voiding warranties like this are illegal and consumers have the right to take Apple devices to third parties if they wish.

The Apple iPhone 8 has a manufactured cost of $198, retails for $1109 and AppleCare for $299. Surely somewhere in this huge profit making exercise Apple could have had some heart to actually help a customer. AppleCare is clearly all for nothing when a company like Apple just doesn’t give a crap about the consumer.

Apple are all too fine to feed you crap like, well you should have had iCloud enabled and put the blame back on the consumer, yet it’s thieving Apple that should start taking a bit of responsibility for the poor quality hardware and poor run times of barely 5 months.

No Apple does not care about the consumer and no, you should never ever use your iPhone to take photos.

Let’s get real here. Taking photos on a real camera has the benefit of the photos being stored on removable storage. If the device fails you still have your photos. Some good cameras have a dual memory slot allowing photos to be stored on both memory cards in case one memory card does fail.

There is truly very little point in adding a good quality lens and sensors to a phone if you can’t get the reliability of the device right.


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