Disney Plus Australia

Disney Plus launched 19 November 2019 in Australia and New Zealand

Quick Overview

  • Cost: $8.99 p/month or $89.99 yearly
  • Available: Now
  • What’s on Disney+? 500+ movies and 7,000+ TV shows
  • How many people on one account? 4 streams
  • Video quality: 4K, HDR10 and Dolby Vision
  • Data usage: 3GB/hour on iPhone

Our Experience so far

We were able to create an account in minutes, however, the link provided to us via email and on the website to download the Android app sent us to the Playstore and told us that the app was not available in our region. I thought this was odd and surely they were all ready to go.

So I jumped on online support, which advised that there were 44 people ahead of me and about a 15 minute wait time. This was all at 8:00 AM in the morning on the first day of launch.

I then searched the Playstore myself and found a Disney Plus app that could be downloaded, installed and logged in without issue. My first order of business was to start watching 101 Dalmations. Started within seconds and no glitching.

I am hoping that Disney brings more subtitles to movies as this was limited to English, Spanish, French and Dutch. While subtitles showed and worked without issue on my Android phone, they were an issue on the Playstation 4.

On average, we found that the Disney Plus app used 2.2GB per hour for HD streaming and 1.5GB per hour using the app’s data saving mode.

Overall a great experience and looking forward to the improvements coming in January 2020. I was hoping to be able to close my Netflix account down, but at this point while there are plenty of movies, there are no shows.

I really wish the Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN bundle was available to Australia like it is in the U.S