DevOps or DevFLOP?

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It’s a simple question. Why the fuck would you let a developer (code monkey) near a server they know nothing about.

The idea of DevOps is mind-blowingly stupid. Developers know and learn Java, PHP, GoLang, NodeJS or what other languages they get their hands on. What most developers do not know a single thing about is DNS, Firewalls, Servers, CPU and resources needed. Nor do developers know anything about Linux. The moment something like that fails or does not work they all have a cry.

Alas, that’s why things like Kubernetes was invented, when something goes wrong it’s too hard for a dev to work out how to fix it. Let’s just spin up a new server and run my container of code on that! It’s a repeatable process and easy for a developer to do, so right up there alley.

Personally I see a lot of issues and outages through the DevOps paradigm, mainly performance issues because the developer did not understand anything about the server running the code. The server becomes the afterthought.

If someone says they are a DevOps you probably want to question and test them properly before even considering employing them. There is a good chance their approach to things is not exactly what you hoped.

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