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We've made choosing the best desk exercise bike or elliptical a breeze and have 6 awesome exercise bikes for you to check out...
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Exercise has always played an important role in the overall well-being of people worldwide. And because most people are built differently from each other, they must find the workout routine that’s best suited to them and the equipment that can achieve the best results.

They’ll have to draw up workout routines that’ll not disrupt their daily work and family life routine. As simple as this may sound, a lot of work has to go into this process.

This is where desk exercise bikes come in. They have pedals that enable their users to exercise at their own pace and time.

And with other portable versions like under-desk cycles and ellipticals, you can take them to work with you where they can fit snugly under your workbench or desk. They come in different designs and build provisions, and the type you purchase will influence the impact that they have on your body. 

The best options should be comfortable and easy to use, and flexible enough to cater to different user intensity levels. The result is a user that enjoys all the health benefits of regular exercises, from increased muscular and lower body strength to even cardiovascular benefits and overall wellness of mind and body. 

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Our Top Desk Exercise Bike: The Proflex Magnetic X-Bike

The Proflex Magnetic X-Bike makes it to the top of our list because of its array of choice features, along with the bells and whistles that add to its overall quality.

This exercise machine comes with eight stages of magnetic resistance, all of which have significantly different impact levels that can be felt in the knees and legs of its users. It is very flexible and easy to use. And when you settle down on its comfy seat and grip on its sturdy handles, you can get down to the business. 

Best Desk Exercise Bikes – Our Reviews

This review covers exercise machines that mostly rely on pedals, many of which aim to simulate the outdoor cycling experience as a means of exercise. As expected, all of the products in this list have one thing in common–pedals. The distinctions in each one cut across the resistance levels that the pedal gives off and the differences in their overall physical dimensions and designs. 

We’ve combed the web for some of the best options in the market, even tested quite a few, and we bring you six of the best. These options have impressive design provisions and a list of features that make them rank highly. They are flexible, easy to assemble and use, and very solid. Some of the options are foldable, and they are built with different levels of resistance to suit the capacity of all types of users. 

1. The Proflex XB2 – Best-rated under-desk cycle

proflex xb2 bike

Key Specifications 

Size (if relevant to product)102 x 52 x 115 cm (L x W x H)
Resistance MechanismMagnetic
LCD monitor(with parameters checked)Yes(speed, time, distance & calories)
Colour OptionsBlack
Number of Resistance levels8
Warranty12 Months Warranty.
Refund Policy30 days

With its eight stages of adjustable magnetic resistance levels, and a seat that is both expansive and comfortable, the Proflex XB2 is a top-level exercise machine. It can count its compact but solid design among its highlights. And as soon as your feet slot seamlessly into the non-slip protective feet provision, the pedal will almost immediately swing into motion. 

And when you start pedalling on its silky and comfy pedal, the LCD monitor becomes a useful workout companion. It will provide you with accurate data on the speed, time, distance, and calories burned during your workout session. 

It boasts of an effective resistance system and offers up to seven levels of height adjustments, impressive figures by all means. 


  • It is easily foldable to a 36cm wide unit for ease of storage
  • Its seat design can cater to people of different body types
  • The pedal’s fabric design makes it very comfortable for users 


  • Riders larger than 180cm may bump their knees against the handles. 
  • Some user complaints border on the fragility of the handles. 


The Proflex XB2 super magnetic flywheel X-bike is designed with comfort in mind, but it is still solid. Its adjustable height provisions will serve you well if you don’t scale its height bar. But as soon as you settle into its comfy seat and step on its equally comfy pedal, you get the impression that this exercise bike will be your long-term exercise companion. 

2. Everfit Spin Exercise Bike – Best Desk Exercise Bike for Strengthening

Everfit spin exercise bike

Key Specifications

Size 105 x 52 x 112cm (L x W x H)
Resistance MechanismMagnetic
LCD monitor(with parameters checked)Yes(‎Speed, Heart Rate, Time, calories, distance)
Colour OptionsBlack
Number of Resistance levels8
Warranty12 Months Warranty.
Refund Policy30 days

Flexibility and solidity come to mind when we think of this machine. From the adjustable heights and angles of its seat and foam handlebars to the sturdy build of its heavy-duty steel frame, there’s very little to fault with its design. It has several resistance levels that users will find to be adequate, and its 6kg stainless steel flywheel was built to get the job done. 

It is well-suited to high-intensity workout sessions. And with its display monitor, users can keep tabs on their progress levels using about five parameters–Time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse.

Its maximum user weight is 129kg, and you can fold it neatly and tuck it into compact spaces after a workout session.


  • Pulse sensors embedded in Its handlebars can give accurate heart rate figures
  • Its fleece braking system can bring the bike to a quick halt whenever you reach the limits of your physical exertions.  


  • It is let down by its height of 1.7cm, which makes it slightly uncomfortable for use by tall people
  • Its number of resistance levels is not exactly sufficient. 


The Everfit Spin Exercise Bike combines solid construction with design flexibility to create what is, without a doubt, an impressive exercise bike. It is a little bit limited by its height provisions. But it does little to detract from an overall satisfactory user experience. 

3. DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser – Best Desk Cycle for Physical Therapy


Key Specifications

Size 105 x 52 x 112 cm (L x W x H)
Resistance MechanismMagnetic
LCD monitor(with parameters checked)Yes(‎Speed, Calories Burned, Time, Distance)
Colour OptionsWhite
Number of Resistance levels8
Warranty12 Months Warranty
Refund Policy30 days

Designed to fit into small spaces, this portable exercise machine is the perfect work companion for people who spend long hours daily at a desk. It operates with a quiet ambience and offers up to eight calibrated resistance levels that increase steadily in intensity. 

It’ll require zero effort to pedal it at its lowest resistance level. And as it is bidirectional, the pedal movement can proceed in either the forward or backward direction. 

As long as you can afford an under-desk clearance of up to 27 inches, this machine will be very comfortable, And if you bend a little lower below your desk, you’ll find the display monitor sticking out at the front. 


  • Its display monitor presents users with five functions–speed, time, distance, calories, and scan. 
  • Its magnetic resistance design makes the pedalling a noiseless affair. 


  • Its small flywheel design is a compromise between portability and operational efficiency. It becomes particularly problematic to pedal at higher resistance levels. 
  • Users tend to fidget with the Velcro strap a lot. Picking the right strap length is no straightforward affair whenever you need to reattach it for a fresh workout.


Compact and quiet, this exercise bike is good enough to give your legs a decent workout under your office desk while you busy yourself with work. It’s a great option for people who need an unobtrusive but efficient product.

4. MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser


Key Specifications

Size  40.6 x 22.9 x 40.6 cm (L x W x H)
Resistance MechanismMagnetic
LCD monitor(with parameters checked)Yes(Speed, Distance, Time, and Calories)
Colour OptionsBlack
Number of Resistance levels20+
Warranty12 Months Warranty
Refund Policy30 days

Compact enough to fit into small under-desk spaces and land lightweight enough to be taken on a roll, this machine is another work-friendly exercise bike that makes our list. With a resistance level count that is double the range of others in its class, it is geared towards building leg muscles especially. This is even as it can be used for arm exercises, with the pedals as palm rests.

Its 15-inch wide footrest has sufficient clearance to accommodate several foot sizes. And as it is made of solid steel at its base, it’ll not buckle under the sustained pressure of continuous pedalling. 

At its top front area is the display monitor. It is capable of displaying information that includes speed, distance, time, and calories for anyone that cares to see. 


It responds very quietly to the pressure of pedalling activities. So you don’t have to look over your shoulders while working out on it. 

The resistance levels can be easily adjusted using a knob provision at the middle parts of its rear end. 


Its users will need to sit on high chairs to counter its tall height. 

Its calorie counter can not be trusted to give the most accurate data. Users have complained of its monitor recording the same calorie burned count regardless of the applied tension. 


The MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike can be just as effective for exercising the arms as it is for the legs. Its height provision may sometimes be a problem, but this machine offers a noiseless working operation that belies its generous resistance levels.

5. York C410 Exercise Bike – Best Under-Desk Cycle with Adjustable Resistance Settings

York C410 Exercise Bike

Key Specifications

Size 92 x 58.2 x 25.5 cm ( L x W x H)
Resistance MechanismMagnetic
LCD monitor(with parameters checked)Yes(Speed, Distance, Time, Heart rate, Calories)
Colour OptionsBlack
Number of Resistance levels8
Warranty12 Months Warranty
Refund Policy30 days

Users of this exercise bike love its 32-level electronically-controlled resistance settings, all of which correspond to different intensity levels. You can slowly build up your capacity with time, and you’ll feel the impact on your legs and knees most, especially.

Then there’s the 5-inch LCD that catches the eyes with its blue-lit backlighting. This onboard smart computer can carry out quick calculations on the intensity of resistance that’ll suit your legs and body as a whole. 

Other highlights include its 16 different workout programs (with 12 presets), chief among which is Cross Country, Hill Climb, and Interval Training. And as it is very compact (58.7 cm wide and 97.3 cm long), it can be secured inside not-too-wide spaces. 


Its handlebars are equipped with pulse sensors to help its users monitor their cardiac output. 

Its resistance settings allow for flexibility with the workout approach of your choice. 

It is lightweight and compact and still solid enough to withstand frequent use.


Its maximum flyweight resistance of 8 kilograms may not be enough to meet the needs of serious workout enthusiasts. 

With its 130-kilogram weight capacity, many intending users will be limited by this relatively low weight capacity.


The York C410 Exercise Bike flatters to deceive with its modest size and weight. But as soon as you get down to the action, you’ll get a clearer picture showing why it comes highly recommended by fitness buffs. Its resistance levels are its most impressive design provision, and your legs will thank you after a workout session. 

6. Assault Fitness Assault AirBike – Best Rated Cycle for Fitness

Assault Fitness Airbike

Key Specifications

Size 105 x 52 x 112cm (L x W x H)
Resistance MechanismAir
LCD monitor(with parameters checked)Yes(time, distance, calories, watts, RPMs, speed)
Colour OptionsBlack
Number of Resistance levels8
Warranty12-month Warranty.
Refund Policy30 days

This exercise bike is designed for those who want to go hard on their workout routine. Its eight resistance levels translate to a series of intensity levels that seem nearly impossible to achieve, typical of air resistance design provisions. Both upper body and lower body strength workouts can be achieved with this equipment. 

Its 350-pound user weight capacity makes it sturdy enough to bear the weights of a large user class. And with a series of pivot points and twenty sealed ball bearings spread evenly across the frame, the machine feels very easy to the touch, and solid still. 

Its seat can revolve around six different directions. And with a series of customizable workout programs on its computer display, users can create unique programs around set time, distance, heart rate, or calorie burned targets. 


Its air resistance design allows for greater flexibility in the resistance provisions. This resistance comes from its steel fan, measuring 25 inches in diameter. 

Its smart computer console can accurately monitor time, distance, calories, watts, RPMs, and speed parameters for every workout session.


The fan can create a scene at times, which can be quite distracting if you’re using it in a traditional workspace. 

Also, some users have complained of the instability of its six-way adjustable seat. I didn’t experience this with my review model, but it seems to be a problem that occurs rather frequently, from what I found out on a few review platforms. 


The ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike is designed for people who are serious with their workout. It is every bit as rugged as it looks, and its air resistance design makes workout sessions to be both gruelling and highly impactful. You may need to plug in headphones while working out on it, but that tradeoff pales significantly compared to the payoff.

Things To Look Out For When Buying A Desk Exercise Bike

Before splashing the cash on an exercise bike, you’ll need to go over some important considerations. We take a look at some of them in the sections below.

How We Rated the Desk Exercise Bikes

For your work with an Exercise bike to be effective, the bike has to meet certain conditions. Many of these conditions are closely related to the number of resistance levels. Others include its build factors, many of which allow for the most use comfort and flexibility on the part of the users. The best desk exercise bikes are rated on the following basis.

  • The overall height of the exercise bike
  • The seat’s comfort level is well adjustable, cushiony, and sturdy.
  • The number of resistance levels
  • Its weight capacity
  • The weight of the flywheel, or maximum flyweight resistance
  • The accuracy of the monitor–can it accurately identify your heart rate, speed, distance covered, and calorie burn. 
  • Durability – Is it made with quality material, are the handles wobbly, or do the material parts become weaker in no short time? 

Desk Cycles – Description & Benefits

Desk cycles are portable exercise equipment with pedals that people can use under desks. They offer their users the opportunity to exercise their legs(mostly) as with an outdoor bicycle while working on a desk with a computer or any other thing. Some of their benefits include;

  • They have cardiovascular benefits, as they can cause increased blood flow to the heart.
  • They can help you burn calories when used consistently.
  • They offer a means of exercise even while working, especially for people that spend long hours at a desk.
  • They help you stay active, so you don’t become too used to, or bored by a sedentary lifestyle or work life. 
  • They can help build leg muscles and other upper body strength capabilities. 
  • They can also help to enhance mobility and help people suffering from knee or joint problems. 

Under Desk Ellipticals – What are they & benefits

Under-desk ellipticals are compact exercise machines people can use for pedalling while seated. As their name implies, they can fit under work desks, and they come with cushioned pedals that move in an elliptical fashion. 

They offer a means to participate in small exercise activities, with the lower body parts and leg muscles as the biggest beneficiaries of the health benefits. Other than that, they can cause an increase in the heart rate and blood flow to vital body organs. While the former has cardiovascular benefits, the latter helps keep the whole body in an overall healthy and active working condition. 

Desk Bike vs. Under Desk Cycle 

Both are exercise equipment, and they operate similarly. The chief difference is in their size and the overall exercise levels and capacities they offer. Desk bikes can come with desks that are attached to the pedal area. The desks can be retractable, and they mostly accommodate the equipment’s monitor device. They also come with handlebars that provide upper body exercise provisions, and they have seats for their users.

On the other hand, under desk cyclesatte designed to slot under the desks of their users. They are much smaller than desk bikes, but they also have pedals and small monitors attached to them. 

What to Look for in an Under-Desk Bike or Elliptical

The following are some of the most important elements of an Under-Desk Bike or Elliptical machine.

Ease of Setup 

Most of this equipment can be disassembled and then moved to different locations. Their ease of assembly can save you the time and effort spent fidgeting through their setup process. Their assembly should typically be completed in under a minute, without resorting to extra tools or a guide manual. 

Height Adjustability

Because you’ll not always have the luxury of high tables or desks at home or office, the ability to adjust the height of your machine is another important use provision. Its pedal should also preferably be capable of being lowered or raised to accommodate the various heights of its users. This is so that they don’t bump their knees against the desk while pedalling or overly strain their legs or backs while at it. 

Desk Size

If your work desk is too low, you might encounter difficulty pedalling. Desk bikes eliminate this scenario as they come with their own desks. The desks can be adjusted, so they don’t get in the way of your knees while you’re pedalling. They are also mostly large enough to accommodate a laptop or suitable work material. 

Weight Capacity

From under-desk cycles to ellipticals and desk bikes, weight capacity is an important design provision that potential buyers of these equipment need to have in mind. If the seat or the frame of your desk bike is not strong enough to hold your weight, it will become damaged in no time. For under-desk bikes or ellipticals, the weight capacity is not so much of an important consideration. However, if the flywheel weight capacity is not sufficient to hold the weight of your feet, it may not be able to function properly. 

Display Monitor

The display monitor helps users of these machines to track their progress and make appropriate changes when necessary. A good display monitor should give accurate information on the speed, distance covered, time spent, and calories burned during every use period. This information will help users know if they’re making progress or if they need to step up a gear or two. 

Resistance Settings

The resistance settings and its programmed levels correspond to different difficulty levels that people encounter while using these machines. The higher the number of resistance levels, the more flexible the exercise can be. These devices have knobs or buttons that can be used to adjust the resistance settings across various levels. Higher levels exert less great pressure on the legs, causing increased activity in the leg muscles.

Under Desk Bike Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of the most commonly asked inquiries that people make about desk bikes and other portable exercise equipment.

What Is A Desk Bike?

A desk bike is a piece of equipment built with pedals that can be used to exercise with. They come with desks(retractable at times) that serve as a work accessory. And they have seats that their users can also adjust.

What muscles does an under-desk bike work on?

By shuffling your legs in circular motions, an under desk bike can mostly work on your leg muscles and others in your lower body region. And as your knees go up and down while pedalling, others like the hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves also benefit from the exercise.

Is an under-desk bike better than an elliptical better?

While both options are similarly effective, your choice can depend on factors like your height, the space under your desk, and the discomfort levels that you can afford.

Because under-desk bikes move your knees while pedalling away, they can help build extra strength around your knee muscles. Ellipticals take up lesser under-desk space as they operate in fixed-knee positions.

However, the back-and-forth shuffling of legs that ensues makes for better leg muscle strengthening.

Is an exercise bike better than a treadmill?

Treadmills are high-impact exercise equipment, so you’ll feel a greater impact on your knees and joints after a treadmill workout session.

If you intend to burn more calories and build up better upper body strength, treadmills are a better option. You’ll get something closer to that with exercise bikes that come with movable handles.

However, exercise bikes focus more on upper body workouts. You can build up strength in your glutes, calves, and thighs, and it is a more comfortable option as it comes with seats.

Are under desk exercise bikes worth it?

Yes, they’re totally worth it. They offer their owners the capacity to engage in useful exercise even while working. You can work on your knees and legs, all while working on your computer.

Do under desk bikes work for cardio?

Cycling enhances the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body, and this is vital to the wellness and strength of your cardiac muscles. So if you want to do some small cardio exercise while at work or home, a desk bike can serve this purpose.

Final Thoughts

Regular exercise always positively affects the physical quality of life for most people, regardless of their age, gender, and status. In this article, we discuss several issues related to this topic and recommend a few machines that can serve this purpose.

Using desk bikes, under-desk bikes, and ellipticals, many people have found a way to merge exercise workouts with their daily work routine. But if you’re looking to try your hands, or legs on a desk bike, our top choice, the Proflex Magnetic X-Bike, is a good place to start from. It comes highly recommended for its flexibility, ease of use, and effectiveness.


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