Declining Food and Service Quality on the Central Coast


We’ve revisited a lot of the Cafes and Restaurants that we’ve reviewed in the past and quite a few that we have not yet written about. One thing does stand out and that is the decline in food quality and customer service, oddly the portion sizes of food remained the same.

We’ve found that if you have a complaint with a business on the Central Coast they are 10 times more likely not to actually care or even pay attention to your complaint.

They figure that hey we have our regulars and life goes on, why bother with providing good service and you know what.. they are right. People are too stupid to go elsewhere and keep on buying from the same place. But then again what choice do you have when on the Central Coast. There are very little competition and very few food outlets to choose from.

We’ve stopped eating out completely because we’re just sick of the bullshit. Dominos could not get our order right, blamed us and then said we can’t serve you anymore wasted 1.5 hours of our time and then told us to order elsewhere.

It’s with these types of attitudes that people on the Central Coast need to wake up, take a stand and tell these businesses that what they are offering is not acceptable.

Our latest experience at Jimmy G’s West Gosford was enough to prompt us to discuss the decline in food and service quality all over the Central Coast. Sydney siders visiting these Cafes and Restaurants on the Central Coast will not tolerate such poor and backwards service.

Vote with your feet, if you are not happy with the food or service quality. DO NOT buy there again. Find another place or make it yourself. We know what we are eating and we know the quality as we are doing it ourselves now. I’m not saving money because the savings are put back into buying better quality produce.

Our Recent Experience at Jimmy G’s West Gosford

We’ve revisited Jimmy G’s, while not a lot has changed in regards to the food, however, service and attitude were poor.

We arrived on a Saturday at 12:10 PM and ordered 3x Barramundi burgers, they come with a good serving of steak-style fries which makes up a main part of the dish. It’s $15.50 for the Barramundi burger.

One of the people we were with has an allergy to pork so while ordering we told them this, they offered to cook the Barramundi in a separate pan. Great.

After paying and sitting down, a waitress passed by and said that we will not be able to have the fries because they cook Bacon in the deep fryer. We appreciate that they thought of this, but no substitute was offered.

We end up receiving a small burger with a small piece of Barramundi and a little bit of slaw for our $15.50. It resembled the McDonalds Fillet O Fish, a complete fucking rip off considering we can go to many places and get a whole lot more than a tiny burger for $15.50.

It was only when I said we were going to cancel the order and go to Rashays Tuggerah for the same money that they refunded $3 per Barramundi burger. With this attitude, we will not be back.

Yeh, you might see this as having a sook over fries, but you know what. When the portion of fries is the main thing on a plate and the burger becomes the side dish it is a big part of your meal.

Are we going to stand around and get fucked over or are we going to take a stand and say fucking hell no? Go to Rashays and for the same $15.50 you are going to get a full meal that is eatable. Why should I walk away with my tail between my legs and still hungry after spending $15.50. For the same price you can get 3x Fillet O Fish burgers and YES the taste is comparable.

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