D-Link DSL-2877AL AC750 Wireless VDSL2/ADSL2 Modem Router

The D-Link DSL-2877AL AC750 Wireless Modem Router is a Train Wreck from Hell. Avoid at all costs.

We decided to upgrade our existing router to get some of that 5G Goodness, little did we know that the D-Link DSL-2877AL AC750 Wireless was an entry level Modem Router just not priced as one.

We purchased this router through Centre Com for $69 but found this product listed at Scorptec for $99 and at Office Works for $129.

The D-Link DSL-2877AL AC750 Wireless arrived promptly from Centre Com and no issues there. Our problems started after we unboxed the DSL-2877AL AC750 Wireless.

We connected the modem router to our switch and attempted to get to the homepage. Oddly it took 7 minutes to load the login screen. After logging in we filled in the basics to connect our FTTN NBN Service, this seemed to do this with no issues encountered.

We then turned on the Wi-Fi component, gave the SSID a name and set up some security. WPA2-PSK to be exact. This caused our first drop out. The modem router was simply no longer there and not even a ping would find the router.

We shut the modem router down for 5 minutes and came back to it, got to the login screen this time within 2 minutes (a slight improvement). However, after logging in, we experienced similar issues in slowness between screens in the router menu.

Setting up port forwarding / virtual server mode was a nightmare with conflicting information. The notes in the D-Link modem router actually told us to turn off a service, when the PDF documentation told us to turn it on. So we tested both to find what worked.

After getting the Wi-Fi working for 2G and 5G we found the performance to be extremely poor with some dropouts. We let this sit for 2 days where it seemed to drop out a bit over this time.

Last night the D-Link DSL-2877AL AC750 Wireless decided to seemingly die. The Modem router first told us that there was no Internet available, and then the Wi-Fi just disappeared as well. After a reboot, the D-Link DSL-2877AL AC750 Wireless said the Internet was back and the Wireless was on, yet our phones and computers could not ping the modem router, the Wi-Fi was simply not visible.

Several more reboots and we were able to get to the homepage after about 10 minutes. The reset button on this router does not work and did not restore factory defaults like it is supposed to. So we called D-Link Support at 11 PM and complained.

Suffice to say, support was useless, we encountered a support agent who wanted to try and configure our NBN service again, but could not get his head around the basics that if you cannot even ping or get to the D-Link homepage all of this was useless. In the end, he determined that the device was dead and a replacement should be made available to us, but of course not without screwing the customer around and making us call Centre Com on Monday regarding a replacement.

During this time I performed a hard reset on my Billion router, set it up in under 12 minutes and all is fine again. There was no such Internet issues that were reported by the D-Link DSL-2877AL AC750 Wireless. The device was simply faulty.

Since then I have checked several forums and have noted that the D-Link DSL-2877AL AC750 Wireless is a piece of crap, with many people experiencing the exact same issues. If this is the case and our replacement behaves the same way, we will be recommending to the ACCC that the D-Link DSL-2877AL AC750 Wireless be removed from the market immediately and a refund given to all who have ever had to endure such crap from a modem router.

D-Link DSL-2877AL AC750 Wireless VDSL2/ADSL2 Modem Router

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