CovaU Energy

CovaU is an authorised Australian energy retailer. All this means for you is that we are licensed to look after the delivery of electricity and gas to households and businesses in Australia. To calculate your savings with their simple online calculator visit

How to CovaU fair in our road test?

  • CovaU were fun, friendly and easy to join
  • When issues occurred with the account it was a bit of a nightmare dealing with CovaU as we were constantly transferred to the Philippines. Who then could not understand our situation.
  • 15 phone calls later and 6 months down the track they agreed to fix the issue. While we are happy that they came to there senses on this, it’s not an ideal situation for anyone.

What happened?

We were using CovaU for a period of 9 months and then moved house. We decided to go with another energy provider and had contacted CovaU on the day we were moving and advised them to shut the account down and no longer provide electricity to the address.

A few months later we received a fairly hefty bill from them for an address that we were no longer at. We question them on this and they advised that we were still liable for the electricity usage at the address that we were no longer at. We refused to pay and tried to escalate this to management.

This resulted in us being transferred around other agents in the Philippines, going nowhere real fast. We then left this for months and then escalated, which seemed to work when we threatened legal action.

A call a few months later resulted in CovaU agreeing to fix the issue, they acknowledged that this bill required to be split. During this time they falsely listed the full bill as default on our credit file. More phone calls to have this removed as this was purely an incident caused by CovaU.

The customer service is lacklustre and caused us some financial issues for no real valid reason. So I’m not sure if I would actually recommend CovaU to anyone given what we went through. You might have a different experience and more mileage with CovaU.

Contact Details

Phone: 1300 689 866
Address: Level 11, 201 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia