Costco Wholesale Marsden Park


Costco Wholesale Marsden Park

We’ve visited Costco Wholesale Lidcombe on multiple occasions and love it. The range of products, the bakery and fresh fruits and seafood. We did not, however, like the Marsden Park store at all.

We visited the Marsden Park store because we wanted to purchase Costco fuel. We did not find the price of the fuel much cheaper than most other smaller fuel outlets and they did not sell the fuel we wanted. They seem to offer E10 and 98, but did not have 91 or 95. Hugely disappointing.

Additional to this we found the Marsden Park store had less range and was more difficult to shop at. The experience was not the same and we’ve never returned. We equally left the tore with less items in our shopping trolley.

The saving grace for heading so far out of our way was the fact that Costco Marsden Park was right near Ikea Marsden Park.

Contact Details

Phone: (02) 9854 3700
Address: 10 Langford Dr, Marsden Park NSW 2765

Monday 10am–8:30pm
Tuesday 10am–8:30pm
Wednesday 10am–8:30pm
Thursday 10am–8:30pm
Friday 10am–8:30pm
Saturday 9:30am–6:30pm
Sunday 10am–6pm