Coles Wyoming shut down self-service checkouts in order to target theft

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Coles Wyoming has shut down and blocked access to all self-service checkouts this morning despite the machines being powered on and functional, all in a bid to reduce store theft.

Shopping at 9 AM this morning was, in fact, a nightmare with queues of people waiting to be served by just 2 cashiers that Coles had on. Not only was the service slow, but the cashiers were also rude. Keep up the attitude and we will shut your store down for good.

Logic would tell you that you take one of the cashiers and have them supervise the self-service area allowing 12 people to assist themselves all at the same time, but you see it was not about making it easy, fast and flexible for the customer to buy and go. It’s all about reducing theft that occurs from using self-service checkouts.

Coles Wyoming is rated on the top 10 of the hardest hit when it comes to shoppers helping themselves to free items through not scanning on the self-service checkouts.

It happens all for good reason too, Coles Wyoming is actually marginally more expensive than other Coles supermarkets, and the quality of the produce is far worse. Couple this with the mere fact that Coles do not offer a discount to self-service shoppers when one should be given. After all, the shopper is doing the work of the cashier and making it more affordable for Coles. The savings are not passed on.

Coles and Woolworths have a few lessons to learn and these are going to be taught the hard way. The introduction of self-service checkouts with cameras that identify the type of item will no doubt have some public revolt and hopefully causes more people to buy directly from the farmer and not from the supermarket.

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Located in: Wyoming Shopping Centre
Address: Pacific Hwy, Wyoming NSW 2250
Phone: (02) 4328 4313

Monday 6am–11pm
Tuesday 6am–11pm
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