Climate Change is here and the Government of Australia still denies it

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Over the last few months, Australia has experienced excessive heat, lack of rain, fires and now hundreds of dead birds are washing up on Bondi, Manly and Cronulla beaches.

Experts say something is going ‘drastically wrong’ and declared a crisis, but the Government, particularly Scott Morrisons clan deny that these disasters have anything to do with Climate Change. In fact, your a left-wing loonie if you believe climate change at all according to Scott Morrison and his Government.

Here’s the clencher. The birds that died are migrating back to southern Australia to breed after spending the summer in Alaska. The birds need to be at full strength to make the 14,000km trip over the Pacific but the krill and other fish they feed on have apparently dwindled due to sea temperatures rising. Which I’m afraid to say has everything to do with Climate Change.

BirdLife Australia says: For the fifth consecutive year, the sea surface temperatures have been unusually warm, which has led to a dire shortage of the shearwaters’ marine prey, resulting in thousands of dead shearwaters being washed ashore. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the birds died of starvation.

What is the Morrison Government doing about this? Ignoring it, and scaling out the mining and use of fossil fuels at a faster pace and investing more in infrastructure which also contributes to climate change.

It is disgusting that the Government are not listening to the people who put them in power, and are not listening to the advice of experts. Australia, we need to start taking drastic measures to get the Government to understand. We need to do more than protest, we need to pull together and vote these idiots out.

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