Ciao Bella Gelato Bar

We’ve recently visited Ciao Bella Gelato Bar at The Entrance. Don’t mistake this place for Ciao Bella in the USA. It’s not the same place or products.

We ordered a few flavours. Chocolate Chip, Licorice, and Mango Sorbet.

The Chocolate Chip Gelato had very few chocolate chips and was mainly a vanilla, and a poor quality vanilla at that, icy, cheap vanilla flavouring. For the price, we would have expected more chocolate chips, vanilla bean rather than imitation vanilla.

The Licorice Gelato was underwhelming with barely any flavour and a weird greyish colour that was actually a bit too sweet. The mango sorbet was average, but in saying that Weis mango sorbet from the supermarket beats this by a mile.

Overall the flavours are watery and the products over priced. They are not a quality Italian Gelato.

Contact Details

Address: 35-37 Coral St, The Entrance NSW 2261
Phone: (02) 4333 7637
Website: No Website