Central Coast Power PC



We’d like to say great things about local business, unfortunately, our actual experience with Central Coast Power PC has been extremely poor and yes we’re going to tell you our experience from purchase to after-sales support (or the lack of).

Firstly we purchased a business-grade notebook through eBay, the seller was Central Coast Power PC. We paid immediately after we had purchased a notebook. This was a buy now not an auction-style sale.

Within 1 hour we had our first message asking for our address for shipping. It turned out that we were pretty close to the location it was going to be sent from so we decided to pick the notebook up instead.

The following day I swung past after work and picked up the notebook. We were advised that the notebook had been fully tested and everything working great.

After getting home I powered on the notebook and tried entering my WIFI password, it kept failing to connect. So I typed my password into notepad to see if the password was typing as expected. I discovered that half the keys on the keyboard did not actually work.

I then got on the phone to Central Coast Power PC and said we’ve had this notebook for 30 minutes and I powered it on to find it is faulty. We returned it and were advised that it would be fixed in the next few days.

11 days later we were advised that we could pick up the repaired notebook. We did and brought it home. 4 days later the screen on the Notebook was dead and not lighting up at all. I once again got on the phone and said this is a lemon we want a replacement. He once again chose to fix the notebook. This time 5 days later we were able to pick up the notebook working once again.

This time the notebook worked for 14 days no problems, and then the sound started cutting in and out. I contacted Central Coast Power PC stating that this is not normal and the notebook is a lemon, we want a replacement.

We have not received a single response from Central Coast Power PC, and our calls and SMS’s go ignored. The fact is we now have a notebook that is NOT usable, and effectively went faulty in under 2 months.

The after-sales support is terrible and in this case towards the end non-existant. I have been in the IT Industry for over 25 years and have not encountered such repeat issues on a single device, nor have I experience such a rubbish service.

No, I would not recommend Central Coast Power PC to anyone. We’ve even had a quick look at his website, which comes up as ‘This site cannot be reached’. It’s non-existent too, just like their service.

Contact Details

Address: 76 Karina Dr, Narara NSW 2250
Phone: 0409 402 868