Central Coast Leagues Club

The Central Coast Leagues Club is situated near the Gosford waterfront, opposite Central Coast Stadium.

Their claim to fame is that the club overlooks the spectacular Brisbane Water. In fact, you cannot actually see Brisbane Water from the club, it’s in the far distance. So don’t be fooled.

CCLC or Central Coast Leagues Club is one of the largest clubs on the coast, but certainly not the most popular. Over the years management have made some odd decisions.

At some stage CCLC had a very popular nightclub on Saturday nights, however, this was killed off and replaced with what the locals refer to as ‘grab a granny’, a nightclub only playing 70’s and 80’s hits and of course majority attracting 34+-year-olds.

The price of drinks on a Saturday night is an absolute rip off for a dated club with dated music. Jim Beam and Coke will go for $10 – $12 per can.

The majority of the CCLC floor is taken up by poker machines, TAB, roulette and other gambling, to get to any food and drinks you need to walk through the gambling areas.

Pool tables and snooker tables are scarce, you need to get in quick to get one at all. Otherwise, you find yourself standing, talking and drinking along with the background noise of horse racing, poker machines and football cheers.

To be honest, all of this you could do at home in a much more comfortable environment and at least have some of your favourite music on. For people who want to get out of the house, there are better choices to be made and better places to visit.

The CCLC have pimped out parts of the club to other business, oddly you will find a Florist, Hairdresser, Gym, Kids Climbing amongst some of the worst quality and value for money food on the coast. This is the home to the overpriced all you can eat Star Buffet (we’ve given the Star Buffet its own review it’s that bad). The Peking Garden Chinese Restaurant and the Teppan Yaki Restaurant do not fare much better.

What is worth trying is the Restaurant run by Ryan Smith. We’ve eaten there a few times and the quality we must say is unusual for Gosford. In other words, it was excellent quality food, fantastic customer service.

It’s a pity the rest of the club does not have the same standards.

Contact Details

Address: Dane Drive Gosford NSW 2250
Opening Hours: Open Daily 9 am – 4 am*
Phone: 02 4325 9888