Central Coast Council leave Lisarow and Narara residents without water

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It’s already been a tough month with extreme heat and fires, residents in the Lisarow and Narara area also had to endure the water being turned off today without proper notice.

A leaflet was distributed the day before to residents indicating that Central Coast Council will be carrying out work on water mains on the 12/12/2019 between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM.

Many angry residents took to social media when the water was already turned off by 7 AM and did not return until 5 PM that day.

One resident said he was trying to shower before heading to work, only to have the water disappear mid-shower. Another missed her chance for a morning shower completely.

It honestly defeats the purpose of sending around a notification advising a date and time of the disruption when you are not going to adhere to the times specified.

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