Capital Kids Parties

When trying to search for Capital Kids Parties you might just find their website, facebook page and Instagram account temporarily closed. Why?

Well that’s because over the weekend owner Madlin Sims fired an 18-year-old woman employed by her for changing her facebook page to ‘Vote No to SSM’

I’m without a doubt that this very action will and hopefully does lead to legal implications for the company and its directors. We live in a country where we are entitled to our own opinion, and freedom of speech allows us to make this known. There is no room for companies who think they can push their beliefs onto its employees.

Ms Sims defended her choice to fire her colleague, calling Madeline “a risk”. However, we see companies like the one run by Madlin Sims as the risk to our freedom of speech and our rights. Madlin Sims owner of Capital Kids Parties also said “I won’t be shutting the fuck up anytime soon ?”

Madeline who was fired said her views were based on her faith.
“I have been raised a Christian my whole life and, in the Bible, God clearly states that a man and a man and a woman and a woman are not to be together,” she said.
“I believe that man and woman were created for each other and that when we’re together it’s a beautiful thing.

“I love everyone. I’m not a hateful person and I do believe that everyone should have equality, but to vote yes, to me, is something that I can’t do. I simply cannot do it.”

The Legals

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz, a former Employment Minister, said yesterday the action could be a breach of Fair Work laws.
“It is unlawful for an employer to take any action against an employee on the basis of a political opinion,” he said.

“Apart from being a fundamental attack on free speech, it is unlawful for an employer to sack an employee on the basis of a political opinion — including voting ‘no’ on the marriage survey,” Senator Abetz said.

“This action is deeply disappointing and I am hopeful that it will be fully investigated and if appropriate, prosecuted.”


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