Britex Carpet Cleaners



The Britex Carpet Cleaner is a carpet shampooer machine that is hired out to the public to DIY clean your carpets. It’s marketed on the premise that there are cost savings by doing it yourself. 

Unfortunately, I could not find much in cost savings, I felt like I was really only trading your money for your own time. Get a quote from a local professional business and you will find that it’s about $110 for 4 bedrooms. Hiring the Britex and having to buy chemicals for the machine will set you back about $77, you then have the next 3 hours or more of your time cleaning carpets. It’s not worth trying to save $33, your time is worth more than this.

  • $38.50 for 24-hour hire of the Britex
  • $15.60 for a bottle of carpet cleaner
  • $8 for the defoamer
  • $15.60 for a bottle of Britex Odour Blaster

Don’t expect professional results if you are new to carpet cleaning. Unless you have been cleaning 10 carpets a day 5 days a week for the last 3 years. An expert is someone who has spent more than 10,000 hours cleaning carpets. There is plenty that can go wrong and only experience can help you.

Common problems people tend to run into when doing it themselves are adding too much chemical, not adding any defoamer or not enough defoamer, using water that is too hot, water that is cold, getting the carpets too wet, not cleaning the Britex machine multiple times before use and of course, don’t forget to do a patch test on your carpets or rugs before use. While the Britex chemicals do not contain bleaches and are classified as mild it’s best to be safe than sorry.

The next thing to consider is the quality of the chemicals sold with the Britex machine. A professional would be using industrial chemicals which may give a superior clean or a deeper clean.

I have used the Britex a few times before and I will never use the system again. I was held up in the store because Britex needed at least 2 forms of identification and a mobile number. A photo id was not good enough, it had to be a drivers license. I didn’t know you had to know how to drive a car before you could use a Britex.

As per their website “You will need to present two forms of ID and your mobile phone number for validation. The ID must include your Australian driver’s license and a 2nd ID that shows your address such as a utility bill or bank statement.”

Not only a waste of time for me, but the Britex literally gave us one of the worst cleans I have ever seen. The carpets came out stained and muddy and worse then I started, the carpets then had a smell for 3 days until the carpets dried, once wet again they would smell again.

I took the Britex back to the store I hired it from and they said that it seems the person who hired it before us did not clean it properly or used it on something very dirty. I had to call in a professional to steam clean and deodorise the carpets just to fix the issues the Britex had caused. (Yes, I have the receipt for that too.)

Under no circumstances could I ever recommend using the Britex, I have used it a few times with poor results and poor customer service.

The Britex machines are quite loud and produce a level of noise similar to some blenders or lawn mowers. I’m baffled how no warnings are provided by Britex or the stores offering the Britex for hire as to the noise levels produced by the Britex machine. Hearing protection should be worn when operating a lawn mower and I would say the same should apply to the Britex.

My opinions here are a result of experience. I have used several home and commercial cleaners over the years. I am not a professional carpet cleaner and have no connections or commercial arrangements with any cleaners or carpet cleaning business. I am more than annoyed with my latest use of the Britex system that I had to speak out.