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DevOps or DevFLOP?

It's a simple question. Why the fuck would you let a developer (code monkey) near a server they know nothing about.

Climate Change is here and the Government of Australia still denies it

Over the last few months, Australia has experienced excessive heat, lack of rain, fires and now hundreds of dead birds are washing up on Bondi, Manly and Cronulla beaches.

Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison held accountable, will be tried for perjury and willful bodily harm

It is illegal and certainly against any Human Rights laws to enforce something that is known to cause harm to humans. The fact is, there is sufficient information proving that vaccines cause irreversible damage to people being given vaccines. You may have heard of No Jab, No Play. This is something that was forced on Australians by Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison despite the knowledge of the damage...

GET $10 OFF!! Dr Irena Eris Cleanology Face Cleansing Ritual

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Melbourne Cup 2019 : The best thing you can do is not participate

Melbourne Cup 2019. It’s a pathetic little race that lasts 2 minutes, yet it does so much damage. I’m not going to bang on about how many horses die as a result of the Melbourne Cup each year. I will say however, 3 horses from the Melbourne Cup 2018 race needed to be put down shortly after the race, one died of a heart attack when frightened by a teenager. I can only wonder how many ho...

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