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If I see one more article or post that says ‘I tried all these foods and then ranked them’ I’m going to do some serious damage to something

First of all, who the fuck do you think you are thinking your opinion and your ranking actually fucking matter? The last idiot who decided to sample fries all over Sydney turned out to have taste buds in his asshole, telling people that Hungry Jacks had the best fries hands down. Is this guy for real! Apparently he is, he followed up a month later telling people his ranking on Coffee. Next, I̵...

Dog died after QANTAS Baggage handlers leave dog on tarmac during heat wave

It is not good enough for QANTAS to shirk the responsibility and simply give their sympathies. Duke's death was preventable and should not have been left in direct heat under any circumstances. It's, in fact, illegal to leave a dog in the car for a short period of time and this is no different, 10 minutes in and Duke was in danger.

Tech Safety: Should Spyware Be Legal?

Tech Safety: Should Spyware Be Legal? Staying abreast with new technologies is almost impossible. We hear about new forms of technology every few weeks, such as GPS tracking devices and spyware. Advancements in technology are always greeted with a lot of intrigue and admiration from users. However, the safety of these technologies is not guaranteed. Technology gives room for privacy to be breached...

Meet Martech the clown

Apparently Martech is the blending of marketing and technology. Virtually anyone involved with digital marketing is dealing with martech.

Cohort meaning

cohort is simply a pretentious name for segment. If the people you are dealing with use the word cohort be cautious of overpricing and the ultimate of Wankittude

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