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Are you self isolating and bored? Disney+ has the answer with a 7 Day Free Trial

Disney+ is a game-changer in Australia, especially if you have seemingly exhausted a lot of your Netflix content. To be honest I find myself browsing through Netflix saying seen that, seen that and it’s too early to watch that again. I have nothing against Netflix just not all content is for me. Disney+ offers a free 7 day trial with no catches or limitations and then it’s charged at $...

Why tradie services are essential during the COVID-19 outbreak

We're all going through this massive shift and most of us do not know what's next, some of us are even in self-quarantine or lockdown. But one thing is for sure, tradie services such as Plumbers, Electricians and the further list below are absolutely essential during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here’s why you need to take a chill pill and stop panic buying toilet paper

Over the last few weeks, I think we have all witnessed the utter madness of people panic buying and stockpiling toilet paper. I am actually sitting here wondering what has happened to humanity, how did we get here, to such a low level that we cannot share a single pack of toilet paper with another person.

Sydney’s Northern Beaches Overvalued and Polluted

The Northern Beaches is heading into a downward spiral, with property values plummeting around 40% or back to values around 15 years ago in 2020 - 2021. The water quality is not good, there is overcrowding on the Northern Beaches and the place is damn grotty.

Holden, the taxpayers car

General Motors Holden has revealed that it has received $2.17 billion in Taxpayer money in the past 12 years (and that was back in 2013). They even suckered the Government for a $149 million grant

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