Big W store closures by 2020

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If you have not visited a Big W store in recent times, no one would blame you. If you have you’d notice that most stores are messy and dilapidated as if no one really cares.

The truth is that Big W has been making a loss year on year for a while now, BIG W is lucky that parent company Woolworths are keeping them afloat for now. So don’t expect any investment on instore revamps.

Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci wants to close 30 of the majorly underperforming BIG W stores by the end of 2019. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Woolworths will make an attempt to show BIG W has some potential for profitability before selling the entire business off to an overseas investor. Woolworths will exit BIG W by 2020.

BIG W currently employee 22,000 people and sadly not everyone will be moved to the Woolworth business. It’s a turbulent time for Woolworths Group as they reconsider where they are invested. Spinning off Woolworth’s interest in the pubs and pokies business is purely a marketing play to distance themselves.

What’s exactly wrong with BIG W? There are a number of issues haunting BIG W, our opinion is that it’s going to take a new CEO to lead BIG W. David Walker needs to be replaced and a fresh approach needs to be applied.

The product lines that BIG W sell are mostly of poor quality yet priced as if they are not. BIG W is worse than a $2 bargain store. They do not stand behind the products they sell.

Spending $30 on a Bra only to have the wire break through the cloth within the first 30 days and then be told they cannot replace it is a bit of a joke and partly why consumers are voting with their feet.

The range of clothes and shoes sold are so out of wack and dated that nobody really wants to buy them.

You know things are bad when BIG W are selling the same product lines that Woolworths sells, such as chocolates, body wash and cleaning products. You will even find an optometrist inside BIG W. BIG W lacks focus on what they are bringing to market.

You can honestly get confused what store you are in as BIG W lacks focus on what they are bringing to market.

When I go shopping nothing comes to mind as to why I should or need to go to BIG W. I’d rather be at Target and Kmart who have products I’m looking for.

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