6 Best Standing Desks in Australia in 2023: We Compare The Top Rated Adjustable Stand Up Desks

Improved focus and better productivity are only a few of the benefits of a standing desk, but should you go for a sit-stand desk or a fixed height desk? Our buyer's guide will make the buying decision easy!
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Standing desks used to be exclusive office staples. These days, thanks to the advent of hybrid and remote work, standing desks are slowly but surely making their way into home workspaces.

The UpDownDesk ProSeries Won Our Top-Rated Standing Desk In 2023. Click Here To See It.

There are so many reasons why they’re becoming so popular. For one thing, and this is backed by research, sit standing desks can increase productivity by almost 50%. For another, they provide several health benefits (and this is also supported by emerging research).

If you’re considering upgrading your home office with a new standing desk, you may need to invest some time and effort into the search. The Australian market is saturated with products that are worth neither your time nor money, and it’s easy to end up with an expensive dud.

To help you avoid the pitfalls, we’ve run the rule over quite a few products on the market, testing them for quality, durability, design, warranty and return policy, and whether stand up desks are made in Australia because it’s important to us.

And because we want our resource to be comprehensive enough to give you the confidence to base your purchase decision on it, we also headed to several review forums to find out what other users think about them.

At the end of this article, you’ll clearly understand the best standing desks in Australia, and what they bring to the table. Can’t make it to the end? No worries. Check out our top recommendation below.

Our Best Standing Desk for Australians: The UpDown Pro Electric Sit Stand Desk

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Proudly made in Australia, this standing desk combines substance and style in an elegant package that instantly upgrades every space it graces. Updown Pro Desk is extremely durable and customizable, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to build your own rig. 

One of our favourite things about this electric standing desk is its 30-day, risk-free trial period which affords buyers the chance to carefully examine their options before committing. Updown Pro Desk is in a league of its own- no other product offers this option.

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Best Adjustable Standing Desks in Australia in 2023 Reviews

Standing desks (also called sit-stand desks and stand up desks) are versatile, and mobile, and depending on individual preferences, they can be stylish and elegant or simply functional. Given their suitability for the work from home context, standing desks are ideal for desk-based work, making them popular among tech workers, writers and editors, finance personnel, and teachers, among others.

Even though price isn’t the main determining factor of a standing desk’s quality, you do get what you pay for, and some premium options can get especially pricey, particularly with the full range of customisations. Having said that, some bells and whistles you can do without, without necessarily diluting your enjoyment of the electric standing desk.

Our picks have been carefully selected to reflect functionality and style, and there’s something for every budget on our list.

1. UpDown Desk Pro – The Best Standing Desk in Australia

UpDown Desk Review

Key Specifications

Size120cm x 75cm, 150cm x 75cm, 180cm x 75cm
Made in AustraliaYes
Est. Assembly Time40 minutes
Colour OptionsWhite or Black (Steel Frame)
WarrantyYes. 10-year warranty
Refund PolicyYes – 30 days

The UpDown Pro Desk snags the top spot on my list, for obvious reasons if you’ve ever had the pleasure of using one of these standing desks. If you’ve never used one, the next couple of paragraphs will explain why I’m so stoked about this desk.

My desk was delivered to me just two working days after I made the order, made possible by the fact that UpDown is based in Australia as well. However, the bulk of the packages came as a surprise and I had to enlist some help to move them into my workspace. Once there, I took some time deciding on the perfect spot for it, so I wouldn’t have to move the desk after assembling it.

Assembling the desk is pretty straightforward; parts are labelled, plus there are a couple of resources (instruction videos and a user manual) to provide guidance if you’re not particularly mechanical minded. The manufacturers reckon that assembling the stand up desk can be done in 25 minutes, but it took me about an hour and a half. I suspect the correct value is somewhere in between. I called UpDown’s customer centre for assistance. Full disclosure, I didn’t really need help; I just wanted to verify the responsiveness of their customer service. They were immensely helpful, a big plus in my books.


The bamboo desktop (there are other options such as Messmate, Victorian Ash, and Melamine) offers elegance as well as practicality. Thanks to its mildew and water-proofing treatment, you won’t have to worry about accidental spills. Plus, the desktop boasts rounded corners for both safety and a firmer, more ergonomic grip.

If you like your personality and preferences reflected in your workspace, you’re going to love the UpDown Pro Desk’s impressive range of customisation options. With add-ons like under-desk drawers for office supplies and knick-knacks, UpDown allows you to tweak your workspace to your specifications. You can also organize your cords with cable trays and management kits, monitor arms, and metal grommets. If you work a lot and stand a lot, the anti-fatigue mat is ideal. You should know that adding grommets to your desk and drilling holes in it will void the 30-day desktop trial.

Using UpDown’s control panel is as easy as using those of other electric standing desks. While viewing the display screen, you can change the table height by pressing the up and down buttons. Its wide range of table heights from 64cm to 129cm makes it ideal for sharing with others while the dual-motor mechanism guarantees smooth, vibration-free, and whisper-quiet height transitions. And even when fully extended, the desktop remains sturdy and wobble-free.


Despite its impressive lineup of advantages, UpDown Pro Desk does have a few not so great qualities that may prove significant. Its heavy bulk makes mobility unachievable without significant effort, and this may limit your options as to where to place it.

Further, this electric desk is not the cheapest, and if you’re to outfit it with its full complement of accessories, you could be spending a fairly eye-watering fee.


With its sturdy frame, beautiful and durable desktop, and range of customizable features, the UpDown Pro Stand Up Desk is closer to being a lifelong investment than anything else we’ve seen or reviewed. We’ve got an interesting review of the Updown Desk brand here.

This electric desk’s bulk and price tag are definite grounds for second thoughts, but when you make a list of its pros and cons, you’ll find many more points in the pro column.

Buy It Here With The Best Price

2. Vari Standing Desk – Great Value Australian Standing Desk

Vari Electric Standing Desk 48 - Sit to Stand Desk - 4 Button Memory Settings
  • Assembles in 5 Minutes or Less
  • 4 Programmable Memory Settings with LED Display
  • T-Style Leg with Heavy-Duty Steel Foot for Enhanced Stability
  • Supports up to 220 lb (99.8 kg)
  • UL Listed, UL Certified to BIFMA Standards, and Greenguard and Greenguard Gold Certified

Key Specifications

Size 122cm x 75cm
Made in AustraliaNo
Est. Assembly Time25 minutes
Colour OptionsBlack (Steel Frame)
WarrantyYes. 7-year warranty
Refund PolicyYes – 30 days

Vari is the only company on my list based outside the shores of Australia. The company is based in Texas, USA, and boasts a reputation for delivering quality products. Design-wise, the Vari sit stand desk does not pull up any trees. Indeed, despite the fact that the desktop is offered in as many as five finishes, my favourite bamboo hardwood finish is not on offer. Here, I had to break the norm.

Assembling this standing desk took about 25 minutes, by far the lowest I’ve managed so far. There was no need for specialised tools, and I was able to manage, for the most part, on my own. Convenience is one of the strong suits of this desk. Build quality is another.


The company offers lots of cable ties, and the frame itself has a horizontal bar to keep cables plugged into the control box in place, making cable management a breeze with Vari’s Electric Standing Desk.

There is an up and down button on the control panel, as well as four programmed buttons that may be set to any height between 25 and 50.5 inches. If you’re concerned about someone else fiddling with your settings, you can manually set the desk’s upper and lower limit locations and lock the control panel. If centimetres are your preferred unit of measurement, don’t worry; the control panel’s display can be switched from inches to centimetres.

The T-style leg design of this standing desk offers enhanced stability, while its extension height of 128cm is well suited to even the tallest of customers. What’s more, the Vari works smoothly and pretty noiselessly, plus it offers several possibilities for personalisation.


If you’re looking for a standing desk that can transform your home or office space, you may have to look elsewhere. This one is strictly functional and unlikely to set the heart racing.

This desk’s load capacity of 99.8kg also makes it incapable of doing the really heavy lifting.


Although it’s not the flashiest or even the strongest (in terms of performance and extra features), the Vari standing desk can still put in a more than decent shift.

It’s not a Ferrari, but it can still take you there.

3. Ergomaker – Best Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Size122cm x 75cm
Made in AustraliaNo
Est. Assembly Time25 minutes
Colour OptionsBlack and White (Steel Frame)
WarrantyYes. 10-year warranty
Refund PolicyYes – 30 days

Rounding up this review is another US-manufactured standing desk, the Ergomaker Electric standing desk. The name kept popping up in every one of our searches, usually accompanied by positive reviews. It got to a point where I had to find out if it was truly worth all that hype. And from what I’ve seen so far, this electric sit stand desk deserves every single effusive praise it receives.

My desk took a little while to arrive, which is understandable, it was shipped from the US after all. Commendably, the packaging was neat when it finally arrived, and I didn’t need to exert too much effort to unpack the items. No ornate hardwood desktop design here, this sit-stand desk tilts more toward functionality than style. But, I was immediately impressed by the sturdy look of the desk’s legs and the desk’s overall durability.

Assembling the desk was relatively easy, lasting a little over 25 minutes. However, a few necessary tools were missing from the package and I had to rely on my stash. This may pose a few problems for people without a tool kit to fall back on.


There’s a lot to like about this electric sit-stand desk. For starters, its height range of 63-129cm makes it suitable for most users. It certainly was comfortable for me, and I appreciated the extra stretching room underneath the desktop.

And when a single position began to feel old, I just had to switch to another preset height to find my sweet spot again. Here’s something I found impressive, the motors in each leg of this electric sit-stand desk are perfectly synchronised, gliding through positions like an expert ballerina.

One other thing about this electric sit-stand desk, you can adjust its height as well as its width. Essentially, not only can you adjust the base to adapt to growing workloads, you can simply fit a new tabletop over it when necessity demands it, potentially saving you a few hundred dollars.

Speaking of which, I found the default desktop of this standing desk to be very capable and adequate, and maybe a bit industrial. It very rarely wobbled, and the ergonomic rounded corners are a nice touch.

The desktop can support up to 130kg of weight, which is particularly impressive. Even its dual system motors truly are, and transition between heights is smooth and almost completely noiseless. This may not always be readily apparent, but this electric adjustable standing desk’s automatic anti-collision feature is decent too.


The absence of specialised, comprehensive assembly tools can be a bit of a drag, particularly for inexperienced customers. And I found the design of the desktops to be a bit ordinary. Also, this standing desk does not pull up any trees, in terms of its weight capacity.


This electric standing desk has been built to be quietly effective, not turn heads. That’s not to say that it’s not without its charms, though. A lot of thought and effort have been invested in making it, as evidenced by its seamlessly efficient operation. That’s why it gets all the rave reviews.

4. Zen Space – Cheap Standing Desk (Great Review)

zen space desk electronic

Key Specifications

Size150cm x 75
Made in AustraliaYes
Est. Assembly Time40 minutes
Colour OptionsWhite or Black (Steel Frame)
WarrantyYes. 10-year warranty
Refund PolicyYes – 30 days

Zen is another Australian company, based in Brisbane. This company perhaps doesn’t command the instant recognizability as UpDown, so their standing desks tend to fly under the radar a little, compared to their more illustrious competitor.

I like the fact that Zen offers a range of products in different series or categories, to suit different budgets or preferences. At the lowest end of the price spectrum is the Zen One stand which is most suitable for people who want a bare-bones standing desk with a simple setup. I couldn’t help but notice that this desk’s minimum height is about 70cm, which would make it an awkward fit for people with moderate height.

Next in line are Pro series stands, then Executive Series, and then the Pro Plus. I ended up opting for the Zen Pro Bamboo Sit Stand Desk, partly because of its hardwood aesthetic and partly because its mid-range system seemed well suited to my needs.

Delivery was reasonably quick, and again, I needed help getting it into my workspace, even though this desk isn’t as heavy as the UpDown Pro. It took me about 40 minutes to set it up. It could have been quicker if the manual was clearer at several points.


At first glance, the Zen Pro Sit Stand Desk appears solidly built, and it continues to be that way after continued usage. Its frames are reasonably solid (they look like they can take a real beating), and the bamboo tabletop looks nice, even though it lacks the more subtle touches of the UpDown Desk. Tangibly, it offers enough room to fit most gadgets, including a few non-work related knick-knacks. I should also mention that this desk comes with a 10-year warranty on all parts, a pretty sweet deal.

Thanks to its dual-motor lifting system, this electric standing desk can pull its weight smoothly, and when it’s fully extended, you won’t notice even a hint of wobble. And unlike the Zen One desk I mentioned earlier, this one’s minimum height is about 63cm, a very comfortable starting point for me. It tops off at about 125cm.

The Zen Pro Desk’s control panel works as well as you would expect it to. There are one-touch keys to control the stand’s ascending and descending movements, along with 4 memory preset buttons to take note of your favourite settings. The LCD shuts itself off after 10 seconds of inactivity, to conserve battery.


This desk’s wire management system isn’t the tidiest, and if you do not like the look of bunched up cables lying around, you may have to get a decent cable management bracket. Also, the desk isn’t completely noiseless when it’s on an upward trajectory, but this is more a pet peeve than any significant issue.

Then there’s the question of price, which cannot be ignored. The Zen Pro Desk does not come cheap, and you could end up making a considerable outlay if you spec it up to its fullest potential.


This sit to stand desk is more workmanlike than flashy, and it’ll leave your pockets considerably lighter, but you can expect it to last for the long haul.

5. Desky Dual Stand Up Desk

Desky Dual Pheasantwood Hardwood Sit Stand

Key Specifications

Size150cm x 75cm
Made in AustraliaYes
Est. Assembly Time50 minutes
Colour OptionsWhite or Black (Steel Frame)
WarrantyYes. 10-year warranty
Refund PolicyYes – 30 days

The Desky Dual Stand Up Desk brings panache and style to your home workspace. In terms of design, it follows the template provided by UpDown, all charm and grace and elegance. And if you want your hardwood desktop to be the main centre of attention in the room, Desky offers that option as well. If you’ve been following, you’ll notice that my picks so far have something in common – bamboo hardwood tabletops- and this one continues that trend.

Desky also borrows from the UpDown playbook in other areas apart from design. Construction quality is similarly excellent, and their customer service left me with a satisfied feeling at the bottom of my stomach.

Delivery was swift (is this a trend?) and this time, I wasn’t too surprised by how heavy this desk was (although it was less heavy than the UpDown desk). It took a little over 50 minutes to set it up, even with my growing expertise. Consequently, this may take longer if you’re not too experienced in assembling things like this.


The addition of scallops at the rear of this electric standing desk helps maintain its aesthetic, a wonderful thing in my eyes. Rather than drill holes in the wood to run your cables through, this arrangement simply lets you pass them to the back.

When seated at a desk, posture is crucial, and the desk’s minimum height of 60cm allows you to sit comfortably with your back straight and both feet planted, while the height of 120cm allows anyone to stand, including users as tall as 7ft! The desk’s automated height adjustment moves at a rate of 36mm per second, allowing it to travel from sitting to standing in under 10 seconds.

Dual motors capable of lifting up to 140kg drive the desk’s changeable height. This implies the motors will be able to handle even the heaviest computer and other gadgets. All parts are covered by a 10-year warranty, so if something goes wrong, you can expect a repair or replacement. To prevent mishaps, the stand up desk has an anti-collision system as well as a child locking prevention system.


Apart from the somewhat complicated setup, which is not any type of deal-breaker, I can’t think of much to criticize about this electric sit-stand desk. I ventured into review platforms and even there, it was almost like nobody had a bad word to say about this standing desk.


Desky Dual Stand Up Desk is a premium sit-stand desk, with a host of excellent features marking it out as a top-level product.

For its superb build, fantastic design, and flawless performance, I will not hesitate to recommend this desk every single time.

6. Omnidesk Pro – Best Standing Desk for Large Workspaces

Omnidesk pro

Key Specifications

Size 150cm x 75cm
Made in AustraliaYes
Est. Assembly Time45 minutes
Colour OptionsBlack (Steel Frame)
WarrantyYes. 7-year warranty
Refund PolicyYes – 30 days

The Omnidesk Pro is a high-end electric standing desk with cutting-edge technology and a plethora of customization choices. You can change the Pro’s classic look by choosing between a straight edge and an ergo curve. The ergo curve is becoming more popular among more inventive, autonomous businesses, whilst the straight edge approach appeals to more traditional entrepreneurs.

For my desktop, I chose to stick with the running bamboo aesthetic, though there are options in white and black as well. Delivery took longer than usual, but I was able to get it up and running in about 45 minutes. And similar to other products on this list, the Omnidesk Pro is as sturdy as a brick wall.


Let’s start with the incredible 100-day risk-free trial offered with this standing desk. It’s a fairly remarkable offer that guarantees enough time to get familiar with the desk before making a decision. I was sold on it long before the trial period expired, however.

The “Pro” moniker attached to this standing desk seems to imply that it was built for professionals, but upon testing it, I could see how it will also appeal to gamers and creatives. It boasts a solid, ergonomic finish, along with a couple of extra features that distinguish it from the mean.

This electric workstation is also incredibly steady, ensuring that your monitor does not wobble or tremble. Even when fully extended to the highest setting, the desk remains solid, even when heavy items are placed on it.

The silent and smooth motor mechanism that raises and lowers the desk is a nice touch. And when you lower the Omnidesk, it has a safety function that prevents it from going too low and causing damage. Oh, the desk offers immense personalisation potential as well, and since it’s adjustable from 60 to 125cm in height, it’s a decent fit for almost everyone.


The maximum load capacity of the Omnidesk Pro is 130kg, which I consider a bit limiting. It’s not much worse than the others on this list (all of which can support 140kg), and it may not become a significant drawback. That said, I would have much preferred the extra security.


The Omnidesk Pro counts an excellent build, appealing design, interesting extra features, and superb customisation options among its strengths. Since it is fairly decently priced as well, this sit-stand desk represents exceptional value for money.

This electric desk is perfect for you if you prefer a clean, uncluttered work surface.

Buyer’s Guide to The Best Standing Desks for Office or Home Use in Australia

As more Australians recognize the value of ergonomic office furniture in promoting a healthier and more productive work environment, standing desks have rapidly gained popularity. These versatile desks address common issues such as back pain, poor posture, and sedentary lifestyles by allowing users to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. In this buyer’s guide, we will explore the best standing desks available in Australia, focusing on crucial factors like price, versatility, and ease of use.

Types of Standing Desks

Depending on what you plan to do with the standing desk, along with your preference, these are the options you can choose from:

1. Fixed height standing desks

Because fixed standing desks do not move, they are popular among people who wish to conduct all of their desk work while standing. Fixed-height workstations are often cost-effective, and their basic appearance can be appealing. Fixed height desks, on the other hand, lack one of the most important benefits of height adjustable desks: the ability to alter positions at will.

2. The best sit to stand desks

Also called adjustable standing desks, the sit-stand variety falls somewhere between a typical sitting desk and a fixed standing desk. When weighing the benefits and drawbacks of sit-stand desks, it’s important to remember that they come in a variety of forms, each with its set of advantages.

3. Best sit-stand desk converters

A sit to stand desk converter can be fitted to a standard desk to transform it into a stand-up computer desk. The standing desk converter is a means to adjust to a sit-and-stand workday for people who already have a standard desk and don’t want to replace their existing office furniture.

Some converters can be used as a stand-up desk. However, making these adapters ideal in terms of design and useable area might be difficult. In addition, converters severely limit the capacity of shorter users to obtain a good ergonomic position.

Single Motor or Dual Motor, which is best?

When you’re not clear what the distinctions are between a dual motor and a single motor standing desk, it can be difficult to decide. The question of which is better is straightforward, but there are other aspects to consider, including how the desk will fit into your existing home office setup and personal preferences.

Two sensors monitor the number of times the desk motor has revolved and the direction of those revolutions in the single motor standing desk. The sensors communicate with the desk control box, which keeps track of the desk height. Dual motor standing desks work similarly to single motor standing desks, but the motors must be synchronized to maintain the balance of the desk legs.

The choice of which to go for will depend on individual circumstances. We’ll highlight the differences between them in the points below:

  • Versatility: Dual motor system desks are designed to fit a wider range of users than single motor systems.
  • Load capacity: The lifting capacity of dual motor frames is substantially higher than single motor models, with a massive 140kg lifting capacity that can accommodate even the heaviest monitors.
  • Assembly: If you’re putting together your desks, dual motors are much easier to handle. A dual motor standing desk can be assembled more easily since each leg is equipped with its own motor.
  • Transitions: Dual motor systems are developed with durable motor frames and engineered to perform faster and quieter transitions than single motor systems.
  • Budget: In general, single motor standing desks are cheaper than their dual motor counterparts.

How to choose the best standing desk for yourself

Desk work, like desk employees, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s important to think about your body, your habits, and the type of work you do while choosing a standing desk. A sit-stand desk may be ideal for work that requires cooperation, a lot of reading, or just a lot of manual labour. Here are some helpful hints for selecting the best stand up workstation for your needs.

When deciding how to choose the best standing desk, take the following points in mind:

  1. Weight limit

    Consider what you’ll be putting on your desktop and calculate how much weight your standing desk will have to sustain. Because a standing desk converter has the lowest weight constraints, the calculation becomes much more crucial.
  2. Ease of use

    Some versions of standing desks have been specifically designed with the user in mind. The adjustment mechanism – whether it’s a crank, a lever, or a switch – can make a big difference in how often you have to adjust the height of your stand up desk.

    A motorized standing desk can assist with some of the more strenuous tasks. Beyond that, standing desk ergonomics – whether the desk can be simply and comfortably modified to the person who will be using it – play a big role in ease of use.
  3. Durable

    The quality of the desk’s construction affects how long it will last. Choose a strong desk with easy adjustment for the weight you’ll be putting on the surface.
  4. Aesthetically pleasing

    If aesthetics are important to you, then you may want to pay attention to how your electric standing desk looks. Luckily, standing desks are offered in many options; some are even designed to complement your interior decor. Bear in mind, however, that options that combine functionality and style will cost more than standing desks that have been made for practicality alone.
  5. Noiseless operation

    Having to listen to the constant whining of an electric desk’s motors whenever you adjust positions will start to grate before long. To avoid putting your senses through such torture, be specific about standing desks with enough torque in their motors to support noiseless transitions between heights. Dual motor systems are better at this than single motor systems.
  6. Stability

    A solid desk is ideal for obvious reasons and is one of the most important factors to consider before making your decision. It is preferable to choose a sturdy design that is stable and can sustain your tools and gadgets, plus a few other personal items. Your desk can also benefit from adjustable glides by becoming more stable, reducing wobbles and herky-jerky movements.
  7. Extended Warranty

    Depending on which one you end up getting, electric standing desks can be significantly expensive. That’s why choosing one that offers an extended warranty for the desk’s frames, motors, and tabletop is a smart move that will do wonders for your peace of mind. Luckily, there are several options in the market that offer this type of warranty.
  8. Easy Assembly

    Some sit-stand desks are easier to assemble than others. Defective or wrong assembly may cause the desk to perform less than optimally or even lead to damage to some parts, so it’s important to get it right. To avoid this risk, opt for one that’s easy to assemble or at least offers comprehensive resources for assembly.
  9. Certifications

    Some materials that are used in producing electric standing desks (such as iron, steel, wood, etc.) may deteriorate over time, especially when exposed to adverse weather or home accidents such as spills and scratches. To avoid having to deal with a damaged desk down the line, look for ones that have rust-proof, mildew-proof, and waterproof certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions on Finding The Best Adjustable Standing Desks in Australia

How much should I spend on a standing desk?

This would largely depend on your preference and what you consider important in a standing desk. Typically, you’ll pay more for premium features. We have a dedicated page answering many questions about standing desks here.

What is the best standing desk in Australia?

UpDown Pro Desk, reviewed in this article, is regarded as the best standing desk in Australia.

What should I look for in a standing desk?

Generally, you should keep a keen lookout for the product’s build quality, weight limit, ease of use, surface area, dimensions, and appearance.

Which brand of standing desk is best?

There are lots of great standing desks brands, but in terms of quality, durability, style, performance, and value for money, we cannot look beyond UpDown.

How do you size a standing desk?

To reach your sweet spot, a few things need to be taken into consideration, including your height, the height of the monitor, and the height of your keyboard. Here’s a useful standing desk size chart to help you make the perfect decision.

Are standing desks actually worth it?

The short answer is yes. Standing desks are an investment that will provide in turn an improvement in your posture and blood flow to the brain giving better focus and productivity.

Final Thoughts

Standing desks are enjoying an upsurge in popularity lately, largely due to the recent shift in corporate culture. These days, they occupy pride of place in both offices and homes.

It’s a sound investment to purchase a new standing desk for your home workspace. Every purchasing decision needs to be prudently thought out, and after reading our comprehensive guide you will be better informed, so you can buy the right standing desk for your needs.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best standing desks in Australia. If you’d like us to make a recommendation, our top choice is the UpDown Pro Desk for its perfect blend of style, substance, quality, reliability, and excellent build quality.

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