Best Office Chairs in Australia

If you’re looking to fit your workspace with a new office chair, there are loads of excellent options on the Australian market and, having tried out quite a few ourselves, we’ve been able to separate the gold from the dross. Luckily, we’re not sitting on this update; everything is revealed in this article.
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Office hours are gruelling enough as they are. And for a lot of people, the only thing that can make things worse is having to sit through the hours in an uncomfortable or inappropriate chair. Whether you’re working from home or in a more traditional office space, the importance of good, adequate office chairs cannot be overemphasised.

There’s a direct link between comfort and productivity, and having the right office chair has been shown to boost productivity by over 17 per cent. Beyond this, the best office chairs offer immense health benefits as well.

Our list consists of the best performing office chairs in terms of quality, design, durability, and outright value for money. We’ve also written another excellent article on the best standing desks in Australia in 2023 which you may check out, should you be looking for desks that will perfectly complement your new office chair. 

Take a peek at our top pick below, if you don’t have the time to read through to the end of the article.

Our Top Choice – ErgoTune Supreme Ergonomic Office Chair 

Sit pretty all day long with the Ergotune Supreme Ergonomic office chair. Designed to suit a wide variety of body types, this office chair also offers a range of nifty customisation options, offering everyone the chance to find their own sweet spot in terms of comfort.

Everything about the design, materials and extra features of this office chair screams high-end, and crucially, it manages to not look out of place anywhere it finds itself. And because the Ergotune Supreme Ergonomic office chair offers excellent value for money, it occupies pride of place as our number one recommended product. 

Top Rated Office Chairs In Australia – Reviews

Office chairs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, quality (mostly determined by their materials), and design. Some are pared down on details, offering just the barest minimum, while others (such as gaming chairs that double as office chairs) are heavy on extra features. There are also others in the middle of the spectrum.

When it comes to office chairs, the more expensive options are usually the most comfortable ones, although this is not absolute. A good way to avoid overspending on an office chair is to carefully consider what use you want to put it to. For instance, if your office chair is strictly for work, an adjustable headrest that allows you to take a nap in the chair is unnecessary by default.

Having said that, we’ve included options for all kinds of budgets on our list.

1. Ergotune Supreme Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Office Chair Overall

ergotune office chair

Key Specifications

Weight Limit:Up to 150kg
Made in AustraliaNo
Est. Assembly Time: (if relevant to product)35 minutes
Color OptionsCharcoal Black, Coral Red
WarrantyYes – 8 to 12 years
Refund PolicyYes – 30 days

If you’re looking for an office chair that brings most of the benefits associated with gaming chairs to the table and is offered at a price you needn’t break the bank for, the Ergotune might just be tailor-made for you.

Especially if you, like me, prefer an option with the versatility and flexibility to support your frame either in work or relaxation modes.

The ErgoTune Supreme’s frame is primarily made of high-quality plastic, with an aluminium wheelbase. The upholstery is a fabric-polyester blend that is comfortable to the touch and doesn’t give off cheap vibes. The wheels are 60mm PU casters that roll smoothly and silently on most surfaces, as they did on mine.

All the tools needed to assemble the chair are included in the package. It took me about thirty to thirty-five minutes to get everything set up, and I don’t consider myself any kind of expert. With its metal and mesh aesthetics, this chair is unlikely to win any prizes for beauty.

Like most office chairs, however, it’s built for functionality rather than style. I settled for the Charcoal Black option, but if you want a bit more verve, the chair is also offered in Coral Pink colours as well. Both colours will fit in extremely well with your traditional or home office decor.


  • This office chair’s assortment of pros makes it a standout option. For starters, the TriTune 3D support headrest is a fantastic feature that allows users of all heights to find the perfect support for their posture as well as enjoy complete levels of comfort.
  • There are 11 points of adjustment for the height of the headrest and three for the depth. However, while the headrest’s height and depth can be locked in place, its angle cannot. For me, this adjustable headrest is particularly useful when I need to take a quick nap when work drags a bit.
  • Speaking of which, the Ergotune Supreme’s TrueTilt mechanism is another feature that promotes greater relaxation when I need to take a small break or simply change my angles.
  • However, if you have a small frame, you may find it difficult to lean back in the chair all the way. A lot of pressure would be required to allow the backrest to recline to the user’s comfort.
  • Fortunately, once you’ve discovered the correct reclining angle, you can lock it in place by rotating the knob forward on the left side of the chair beneath the seat. The ATLAS is another nice feature that provides your back area with ample support for comfort in work or relaxation modes.
  • Office chairs tend to leave their mark in the form of creases (or more embarrassingly, wet patches) around one’s back and bottom after prolonged hours seated in them, but the Ergotune Supreme is a happy exception.
  • Ergotune calls this office chair’s upholstery the DuraWeave and it’s a hybrid blend of polyester and fabric that is comfortable, doesn’t trap heat and doesn’t leave imprints on your skin regardless of whatever choice of clothing you have on.
  • And since it’s able to support up to 150kg of weight, you won’t experience the sinking feeling that occurs when you fit your frame into chairs made with wishy-washy material. 
  • Ergotune has fitted this office chair with very remarkable armrests. Tagged GyroBrace, the 5D armrests can swivel in many different positions, which is great for people with a left-handed orientation, or if, like me, you have very mobile hands. The best part is that the armrests are pretty well-cushioned, so arm fatigue is a very rare occurrence. 


  • Despite its numerous positives, there are a few areas where the Ergotune Supreme office chair could use some improvement.
  • For instance, the absence of a lock mechanism for the armrests is a bit of a hassle. They tend to shift out of position with the application of a bit of force, and I’m not sure how ErgoTune failed to pick up on that one. 
  • Then, the tension of the recline can feel a bit stiff at times, making it hard to extend the chair backwards. This is not a problem for me, but shorter people can find this mildly annoying.


With its impressive array of qualities, the ErgoTune Supreme Ergonomic office chair offers superb value for money. It is durable and comfortable, and its look of simple elegance complements every office it finds itself in.

It’s rare to find a product that seems to suit every type of user down to a tee, but this office chair’s supreme ability to be personalised and customised makes it perfect for a wide variety of users. 

2. Alfordson Executive Office Chair – Runner Up

alfordson office chair 1

Key Specifications

Weight limit:Up to 150kg
Made in AustraliaNo
Est. Assembly Time: (if relevant to product)30 minutes
Color OptionsBlack, Pink, Brown, Grey
WarrantyYes – 5 years
Refund PolicyYes – 30 days

The Alfordson Executive Office Chair is a no-frills, budget-friendly option that does its job simply and efficiently. Alfordson has a very good reputation when it comes to the production of office chairs, and this one does not disappoint, even with a few kinks in its fabric.

At first glance, this office chair appeared professionally and solidly built, and my initial appraisal proved to be on the money. The chair is supported by a predominantly aluminium and chrome base, with TUV certified casters making up its base and promoting smooth and quiet movement. The triple-layer seat (PU leather, resilience foam, and a wooden base) seemed firm enough if a little thin.

Setting up this office chair was a breeze; I completed it within thirty minutes. On completion, it was clear that function took precedence over form when it came to the design of the chair. However, the charcoal black option I picked looked handsome enough. There are other options in pink, brown, and grey.


  • Versatility is this office chair’s biggest quality. The chair’s high back offers solid support for a wide variety of body shapes, and people of moderate (or higher) height will instantly find this seat comfortable.
  • If you’re on the small side, however, the seat can be adjusted between 37 to 47cm, until you find the right settings for you. And with a 360-degree swivel function, working in this chair can be simple and effortless.
  • For when you need to take a break or simply relax, a simple lever extends the seat’s back 90 to 150-degrees, with a lock-in mechanism allowing you to find and hold your favourite position.
  • Crucially, the chair doesn’t feel flimsy when you’re in a reclined position, and built-in lumbar and back support, along with retractable padded footrests, help create a comfy experience when you take a nap in this chair, or read a book or watch a movie in it.
  • The chair’s armrests are adequate, with gentle curves that slope downward gracefully. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but I would have preferred adjustable ones, plus my hands tend to slide off them in this configuration.
  • This chair can be a good fit for almost everybody. It is able to support up to 150 kg of weight.


  • The armrests are stuck in place, and I think the chair’s manufacturers missed a trick with this configuration.
  • Adjustable armrests would have offered a lot more flexibility and comfort, especially for users like me. Then the seats are a bit too firm, which causes discomfort after periods of prolonged usage.
  • Both of these are not dealbreakers in any way. This chair is a solid option as it is, but these details would have made it so much more.


With its simple design and no-frills outlook, the Alfordson Executive office chair has one job, which it does well enough. It’s not quite as feature-heavy as our top option, and it won’t turn many heads. But it’s almost a steal at the price it’s offered.

In case you’re looking for something a bit more high-end, this chair is a really adequate placeholder until you can get the chair of your dreams. In any case, it offers great value for money.

3. Artiss Mid Back Gaming Office Chair

artiss gaming chair

Key Specifications

Weight limitUp to 120kg
Made in AustraliaNo
Est. Assembly Time: (if relevant to product)10 minutes
Color OptionsBlack
WarrantyYes – 5 years
Refund PolicyYes – 30 days

With its look of simple elegance, the Artiss Mid Back Gaming Office Chair is a great fit for most traditional or contemporary office spaces. It falls a bit short, features-wise, of being a real option as a gaming chair, but for most office tasks, it’s more than adequate. 

This chair matches its elegant design with enough steel to make it a durable, long term option. It sports an aluminium frame with a chrome base supporting five wheel castors for easy, smooth, and noiseless mobility. It’s also fitted with PU leather upholstery that maintains the sleek aesthetic of the chair.

One thing I found particularly appealing about this office chair is its easy assembly; it took barely ten minutes to set it up. However, I found the shortage of colour options a bit limiting, even though the default black option suited my workspace perfectly.


  • When it comes to features, this Artiss office chair offers mostly the usual suspects. It’s been designed to reflect the optimum comfort settings for most adults, but if you find it a bit lacking (or too much) in terms of height, the chair offers about 10cm of leeway for height adjustment.
  • Height adjustment is smooth and jerk-free, and the chair is rotatable 360 degrees, which makes it easy for me to reach items around my workspace without having to slide all the way out.
  • The chair could fit my bulk very comfortably, but on checking, I found out that its weight capacity comes up to just about 120kg.
  • If you’re of a heavier build, you may want to test it out first. And unless you want to wake up with a sore neck and back (the chair does not recline), I’ll advise against taking a nap in this chair. 
  • I found the armrests on this chair to be wide enough, but the leather padding tends to twist around regularly, which can be a bit annoying.


  • This chair’s lack of versatility is a bit jarring. Usually, I prefer chairs comfortable enough to take a nap in or lounge about during lazy moments. That said, I knew what I was getting when I placed the order.
  • The thing with the armrests was unexpected and not so pleasant, however, and I could have done without that one.


The Artiss mid-back office chair combines substance and style in an attractive package. Although it lacks most of the fancy, high-tech features of real high-end gaming or office chairs, it’s as comfortable as they come.

If you’re looking for an option that does all the basics well and doesn’t leave a hole in your pocket, this one is an excellent choice.

4. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Chair

flash furniture mesh ergonomic office chair

Key Specifications

Weight limitUp to 130kg
Made in AustraliaNo
Est. Assembly Time: (if relevant to product)18 minutes
Color OptionsBlack
WarrantyYes – 5 years
Refund PolicyYes – 30 days

Just like the previous option on this list, the Flash Furniture Ergonomic Office Chair offers a superb blend of substance and style. And, even though it sports a lower price tag than most of the high-end options, it can prove to be a valuable addition to your workspace.

The chair’s padded mesh upholstery is great for people who spend a lot of time seated, and its 360-degree footrest and base appear solid enough. Dual caster wheels complete the ensemble and ensure smooth movement across a variety of surfaces.

Its black and white aesthetic seamlessly complements most internal decor, and assembling the chair is a breeze. It took me only about 18 minutes.


  • Comfort is one of this chair’s strong suits. Its height is adjustable, plus it offers reclining and rocking options to suit your moods.
  • The backrest is curved in an S shape to offer complete lower lumbar support as well as help you maintain good posture.
  • There’s an adjustment lever and a tilt lock mechanism underneath the seat that lets you adjust the suit to your perfect height and also sets off the chair’s rocking and reclining motions.
  • On the whole, this chair held up quite well under my weight, but then again, my weight falls firmly on the moderate side. On checking, I confirmed that it can support up to 130kg, certainly good enough for most people.
  • The chair’s padded flip-up arms are its brightest points, in my estimation. Not only are they comfortable, but they offer my mobile hands several options.
  • Plus, I could simply flip them up when I wanted to slide the chair under my desk and needed them out of the way.


  • After a couple of months of use, this chair began to groan and creak whenever I sat in it. The same thing also happened when I would recline in it.
  • Other than that, there are no complaints. But this seems like a big deal, and it’s only a matter of time before all that creaking begins to grate.


The Flash Furniture Mid-back Ergonomic Office Chair ticks most of the right boxes. It’s budget-friendly, easy to assemble, and easy on the eyes.

There are concerns about its durability, but if this isn’t a dealbreaker for you, or you’re looking for a placeholder before you purchase your dream chair, this could be the one.

5. Auselect – Best Office Gaming Chair

Auselect gaming chair

Key Specifications

Weight limitUp to 150kg
Made in AustraliaNo
Est. Assembly Time: (if relevant to product)20 minutes
Color OptionsBlack/Red, Pink, Orange, Purple
WarrantyYes – 5 years
Refund PolicyYes – 30 days

One of the perks of remote work is the ability to spend most days working and most evenings gaming, all without having to commute or even switch positions. For both activities and purposes, the Auselect Ergonomic Gaming Chair is the perfect accessory.

For starters, this chair looks great, a blend of black and red that won’t look out of place in any workspace. The faux leather upholstery is breathable and soft, while its integrated metal frame provides assurance of solidity and durability. 

It took me about 20 minutes to assemble the chair. It’s not the lightest, but its smooth and quiet wheels made it easy for me to transition between screens whenever I wanted.


  • This gaming and office chair’s versatility is one thing I enjoyed the most about it. Its ergonomic form is designed to support and correct all kinds of postures, and with a maximum weight capacity of 150kg, this chair is suitable for almost everyone. It’s also height-adjustable, and its massage function can be a real boon when fatigue begins to set in.
  • When you feel like kicking your feet up and taking a well-deserved break, you can get the chair to recline 90 to 150-degrees by simply touching the easy-to-reach tilt mechanism under the chassis. And if you feel like going all the way in, just get out the retractable footrest for maximum comfort. 
  • Whether you’re playing games or working, the removable and adjustable headrest pillow and the lumbar support pillow provides multi-point spinal support and pressure relief. The chair’s 2D armrests offer a few options, so you don’t have to keep your arms in a single position for too long.


  • The instruction manual didn’t provide complete instructions for installation. There were quite a few parts where the instructions were rather misleading. This can get people with no installation experience pretty confused.
  • Other than that, I can’t find much else to criticise about this chair.


Built to last, and to look great while doing whatever you need it to do, the Auselect Chair provides a great bang for your buck.

There are no notable flaws, and the list of options this chair provides makes it a good option.

6. HQ-Gaming Office Massage Chair

HQ Gaming office chair

Key Specifications

Weight limitUp to 180kg
Made in AustraliaNo
Est. Assembly Time: (if relevant to product)20 minutes
Color OptionsRed, Pink, Black, Blue
WarrantyYes – 5 years
Refund PolicyYes – 30 days

This chair is another decent option if you’re looking for a premium gaming chair on a budget. The HQ-Gaming Office Massage Chair scores top marks for comfort and versatility and offers quite a few features that you’d normally expect from pricier options.

It’s offered in stylish blue, red, pink, and black hues, so it’s not lacking in the beauty department. It’s also got the muscle to go with its looks, able to support an astonishing 180kg of weight.

Supported by an all-metal frame, the chair also sports faux leather upholstery, which speaks volumes of its comfort as well as solidity.

Assembling the chair was easy, while premium wheels slid smoothly across my workspace’s surface whenever I needed to change positions.


  • Boasting a slew of fatigue-reducing features, this chair has been designed to make you more productive at work, or help you play games with more style and comfort.
  • The massage function is pretty cool, but the 90 to 150-degree recline adjustment is even cooler. The S-shaped backrest provides ample support for the back and lumbar regions, while its U-shaped detachable headrest guarantees comfort when you’re working or relaxing. 
  • There’s a padded footrest when you need to stretch out, and the seat can be adjusted up to 45cm so you can find your sweet spot at different moments.
  • The 360-degree swivel function is also handy; I didn’t have to scoot so much with the chair to reach items that were not on my desktop.
  • The padded armrests were wide and pretty supportive, but my hands did not like their fixed position. I usually prefer armrests that offer at least two different positions.


  • The aforementioned fixed position of the armrests is a sore point for me. I usually look out for mobile armrests because fixed ones always appear too limiting for me.
  • Beyond that, the upholstery looks great, but it’s also a kind of dirt magnet.
  • The faux leather material requires fairly regular maintenance to keep it looking good.


The HQ-Gaming office massage chair is easy to set up, very comfortable, and at the price it’s offered, a really good option. 

If you’re not overly bothered by having to regularly clean its upholstery, this chair can be a really smart purchase. Alternatively, you can go for the black-coloured option, as I did.

Buyer’s Guide to The Best Office Chairs

You don’t have to rely on luck to find the perfect office chair for you. Before you head to the market, find out all you need to know in our buyer’s guide, to ensure that you bring home a product that you’ll be proud of.

How To Choose The Best Office Chair For You

It’s best to physically check out and try out your options before settling for an office chair. Look out for the following features in all the options you try out. Ideally, the one you pick should have all of them:

1. Comfort

When it comes to selecting a chair, there’s no doubt that comfort is crucial. Business owners, on the other hand, frequently confront the difficulty of finding a chair that is comfortable but not so comfy that it makes everyone fall asleep. No one wants to sit on a rock all day, but too soft and cushiony furniture may cause your staff to fall asleep when things slow down in the afternoon.

This problem can be solved with a memory foam cushion. It will softly conform to the body contours of your employees while providing excellent support. Not to add that other seat cushions will quickly wear out. Don’t forget about the chair frame as well as other elements like the head, arm, and backrest. To construct a comfortable sitting, make sure all of the aforementioned factors are in place.

2. Adjustability

The ideal office chair should be able to be adjusted. Because your employees come in all shapes and sizes, it’s only natural that your office chairs accommodate different body types, heights, and weights. Your staff should be able to adjust their chairs so that their feet are on the floor and the arm height matches the height of their desk to avoid accidents and time away from the office. It is not only important to have height and arm adjustments in chairs, but also tension controls, adjustable seats, and lumbar support. Your employees will be more comfortable with greater adjustment possibilities.

3. Durability

Nobody likes to be embarrassed in front of their coworkers by breaking their chairs and falling to the floor. That’s why it’s critical to choose a sturdy office chair that can withstand repeated use. Take into account the cover and joint materials. The cover should be made of leather or mesh fabric, while the arms and legs should be made of metal over plastic. By investing in a sturdy and long-lasting chair, you will save money in the long run, and your workers will be less likely to experience embarrassing chair breaks.

4. Wheels

While wheels may be the last thing on your mind when purchasing an office chair, they play a crucial role in ensuring a healthy work environment. Mobility and pain reduction can be achieved by rolling your chair around. When paper clips or tape dispensers are out of reach on their desks, employees may strain their muscles as they reach for them. With wheels on their chair, they do not have to reach too far around the work area to reach things. It is not difficult to locate a chair with wheels since most office chairs have wheels to make mobility easier.

How We Test The Best Office Chairs

Since employees spend a significant amount of time in office chairs, it’s crucial to find chairs that are not only comfortable but pose the least potential for causing harm to your workers. We usually subject our office chairs to a few quality checks, to ensure that we’ve got the right ones. 

The chair we settle for must be able to withstand the heaviest loads, be stable, and meet the most basic ergonomic standards. Likewise, our standing desk ergonomics guide is equally important.

We independently based our tests on the estimated requirements of a person weighing up to 110kg and sitting on the chair for about 8 hours each day. Various parts of the object are tested, and force is applied to simulate both normal functioning and misuse. No matter what materials, design, or manufacturing procedure is used, the tests are designed to assess quality.

Specifications To Look For in An Office Chair

In addition to its looks, consider the ergonomics and design of an office chair before settling for it, as those features contribute to how healthy it is. This is a detailed source containing the breakdown of specifications for the ideal office chair. Take a look at these features before deciding: 


If you are sitting in a chair for an extended period of time, the fabric should be breathable in order to prevent it from becoming hot and uncomfortable. Additionally, it should have sufficient padding to enable the person sitting on it to be supported without feeling the chair’s base.

Lumbar Support

Lower back support is important in an office chair. Some of the better ones will even have a lumbar support that can be adjusted to accommodate the user’s lower back. This is crucial in preventing back discomfort from worsening and developing into sciatica, a severe ailment.

Wheel Base

Most office chairs have a wheelbase, but carpeted offices may require carpet-specific wheels. Rolling makes regaining items that are out of reach more comfortable than reaching across a desk.


Even though most office chairs offer arm and height adjustments, these aren’t the most important aspects to consider. The more sophisticated chairs come with up to 14 different adjustments.

An office chair should be adjustable for tension, seat and back angle, arm width and height, and lumbar support. Most supports are controlled by hand-held bulb pumps, which work like blood pressure cuff pumps.

Swivel Base

Office chairs should be able to swivel freely in order to facilitate easy access to different parts of the desk. Arm tiredness can be caused by overextending to reach various items if the chair does not swivel freely.

Types Of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs are adjustable. They can be made to adapt to their user’s body shapes and postures at various points. This is an important feature, as no one posture is the best. These are the types of ergonomic chairs for various postures:

  • Traditional Chairs 
  • Kneeling Chairs
  • Saddle Chairs

What is an AFRDI Approved Chair?

AFRDI-certified chairs have passed an Australian New Zealand Standard examination. This is a collection of European-based guidelines that ensure that chairs are robust, durable, safe, and ergonomic. It’s a technique for determining how comfortable a chair is for lengthy periods of time, so purchasing AFRDI chairs is a smart choice for office managers and employees.


What is the highest quality office chair?

There are lots of high-end office chairs on the market, so the question of quality usually boils down to individual preferences and budget.

Which brand is best for office chairs?

From Herman Miller to Steelcase, there are several amazing office chair brands. The question of the best one among them is subject to individual preferences, but ErgoTune is a great shout.

Which office chairs are best for your back?

Most ergonomic chairs from brands such as ErgoTune, Ergohuman, Homefun, Herman Miller, Eurotech, etc. are great for your back.

Are ergonomic office chairs worth it?

Simply put, they are an excellent investment. Having a chair that is ergonomically designed for your body shape and the job you do, and that is suitable for your body shape and job, is becoming increasingly important for your health and productivity.

Final Thoughts

When you do the math, you’ll realise that most workers spend a significant part of their lives sitting. It’s not enough to have just any type of office chair; office chairs actually play a key role in determining the level of productivity and general wellbeing of workers.

Looking for the perfect chair for your traditional or home office? Finding the office chair that’s just right for you or your employees is both a science and an art. In this article, we’ve provided a lowdown on the whole process, to ensure that you end up with the perfect seating solution for your office every time.

If you don’t have the time to go hunting by yourself, you can check out our top recommendation, the Ergotune Supreme Ergonomic Office Chair. The Ergotune Supreme supplies an amazing list of qualities that make it excellent value for money.


Founder of Product Reviewer and currently resides in Sydney, Australia. Nicholas Holmes, the innovative force behind Product Reviewer, has earned a reputation for his unwavering commitment to quality content and insatiable curiosity. A seasoned journalist, Nicholas is a staunch believer in the power of honest, unbiased, and comprehensive reviews.

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