Brew A Cuppa With Our Best Kettle Australia Pick

Our pick for the best kettle Australia has to offer in 2023 is currently the DeLonghi Distinta Digital Kettle. Reasonably priced, fairly styling and boasting the DeLonghi pedigree, it's enough of a workhorse for a busy family kitchen and has broadly positive reviews from customers.
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You wouldn’t think that a kettle is an appliance that has a lot of options. Its use is straightforward. All you need it to do is boil water, right? Well, yes… But it all depends on how particular you are about your cup of coffee or tea.

If you are always in a rush and just throw things together, then you’ll want to consider a kettle that boils water quickly. If you brew a variety of tea or have a particular order to how you add things to your coffee (and you don’t use a coffee machine), then you may want to invest in a fancier kettle.

De'Longhi Distinta X designer Kettle
  • Stainless Steel Body with Chrome Details and Matching 360° Swivel Base with Cord Storage
  • Rapid Boil, Large 1.7L Capacity, Anti-Limescale Filter and 3-Level Safety Protection
  • Matching Four Slot Toaster and Coffee Machines available
  • Fully removable and washable water filter

On top of kettle options for how you take your morning beverage, you also have the choice between stovetop kettles and electric kettles. If you prefer a nostalgic style or have a very specific theme to your kitchen, you may want a classic stovetop kettle. If you prefer the convenience and features of an electric kettle, there are many on the market for you to consider.

No matter which type of kettle you buy, you want the one that will best fit you and your lifestyle.

How We Picked

Kettles are an essential part of many morning routines and an essential item in a large household in general. I personally never thought much about what type of kettle would best fit my lifestyle. I always went for the inexpensive option and maybe one that looked nice. But now I have learned otherwise.

With the help of,, and, I learned that there is a lot to look out for.

My review did not cover any stovetop kettles. The focus has been placed on the convenience of electric kettles instead.

What To Look For When Buying a Kettle

1. Water Level

When purchasing your kettle, you will want one that allows you to see how much water is left inside. Most kettles have a water level window. The ideal kettle will have a water level window on both sides of the kettle.

For an added bonus, look for a kettle with a backlit water level window. This will make it much easier to see the amount of water in there.

2. Removable Filter

A filter helps keep your kettle and water clean by trapping sediment and limescale. However, you’ll have to clean the filter regularly. Make sure to purchase a kettle with a washable removable filter.

3. Cord Storage

Cord Storage is always a good feature to have. It’s an even better feature if you have a child who might pull at a cord if they see it dangling. Most kettles have cord storage along the base, but there are some cordless options as well.

4. 360° Power Base

This feature allows the kettle to swivel on its base. This means that you can pick the kettle up and put it back from any position. A 360° Power Base makes it so you do not have to be in a particular spot to fill your cup. It also means left-handed people can use the kettle easily.

5. Boil Dry Protection

This is another nice safety feature to have. All-electric kettles will turn off or switch to a warming function once the water has boiled. This stops the water from boiling once the kettle has reached the ideal temperature, which can create a safety risk for you and others in your home.

6. Cool Touch

Not all kettles include this in their marketing, but no matter what, the pot should be cool to touch and pick up even if it just finished boiling the water.

7. Hinged Lid/Soft Opening Lid

This is a convenience feature that will prevent you from losing the top to your kettle. A hinged lid will stay attached to your kettle. A soft opening lid will reduce the chances of hot water splashing out or back at you.

8. Wide Spout

If you feel opening the lid to fill the kettle is too much work, then you will want to purchase one with a wide spout. This way you can fill the kettle from the spout, no problem.

9. Different Temperature Settings

This feature is important for anyone who is specific about their tea and coffee. There is a taste difference between teas when prepared at different temperatures, oolong and green, for example. Some kettles actually have temperature settings that take this into consideration.

10. Warming Function

Doesn’t it always happen that something will take you away from making your tea or coffee? Don’t worry, with this feature you won’t be returning to a cold cuppa. Some kettles have a keep-warm function that will maintain the water’s temperature for about 30 minutes after it boils.

Top Pick: DeLonghi Distinta Digital Kettle

De'Longhi Distinta - Best All Round Kettle

The DeLonghi Distina Digital Kettle has a button for every type of tea along its digital base so you can choose your water's temperature easily. It has a 1.7L water capacity on a 360° swivel base and a washable, anti-scale filter. The water level window is on the back of the kettle.

This kettle has three levels of safety features to keep it from becoming a safety hazard. It will shut off when the water begins to boil, including a thermal cut-off, and also an auto shut-off when the kettle is lifted from the base.

DeLonghi Distinta Electric Kettle

Runner Up: Cuisinart PerfecTemp Programmable

Cuisinart PerfecTemp Programmable Kettle

The Cuisinart PerfecTemp Programmable kettle comes with six preset temperatures meant to help you prepare the perfect cup of tea. The kettle will run from 23° to 37° Celsius. There are easy 1-touch buttons with blue LED indicator lights, so you do not have to remember what you pressed. It will tell you!

The water level window has a backlight to easily show you how much water is left in the kettle. The kettle has a 30 minute keep warm function and a stay-cool nonslip handle. It also had a memory feature. If you pick up the kettle before it is done boiling, it knows right where it left off. The Cuisinart PerfecTemp comes with a 3-year warranty.

Cuisinart CPK-17A Programmable Kettle

Other Options

Breville Smart Kettle

Breville Smart Digital Kettle

The Breville Smart Kettle has five different temperature settings for tea and coffee brewing. The kettle is made from BPA-free materials if that is something you want in a kettle. It also has a soft opening hinged lid to help prevent any backsplash back onto your hands.

The kettle has a keep-warm function that starts once the water is up to temperature and will hold it there for 20 minutes.

Breville Smart Kettle

Morphy Richards White Accents Traditional Pyramid Kettle

Morphy Richards Traditional Electric Pyramid Kettle

The Morphy Richards Traditional Pyramid Kettle looks very much like a traditional stovetop kettle but is electric. It has a 1.5L water capacity and a 360° cordless base. The water level window is on the back of the kettle, but it is not blocked by the handle.

This kettle is made from BPA-free materials. Not only does it look like a traditional stovetop kettle, but it also has  an option to sound like one, too. It can whistle when the water is ready. It has a removable limescale filter for easy cleaning and a safety locking lid.

Morphy Richards White Accents Traditional Pyramid Kettle

Russell Hobbs Lunar

Russell Hobbs Lunar Kettle
This Russell Hobbs Lunar RHK62 kettle has a blue water level window and shows measurement in cups, not mL. You will find the water level window on the side of the kettle, which makes it easy to see how much you have left. It has a filter that you can remove and wash to keep your tea or coffee free of sediment. The kettle operates quietly.
Russell Hobbs Lunar

Dualit Classic

The Dualit Classic 72790 kettle has two water-level windows on either side of the kettle. This makes it great for both left- and right-handed people. The handle is covered with silicon to make it easy to grip. The lid is hinged but is not a soft opening lid.

The kettle also comes with a removable and washable filter, 360° base, and boil-dry protection. It has integrated cord storage and a water capacity of 1.7L. The Dualit Classic includes a 2-year warranty.

Kmart 1.7L Kettle with Variable Temperature

The Kmart 1.7L Kettle is very similar to the runner-up, but it is sold at a fraction of the cost. It has five different 1-touch temperature settings for tea and coffee. It also has a 360° base, dry boil protection, and a keep warm feature.

The kettle comes with a wooden handle, which makes it cool to grab when the water is ready. It also has a 12-month warranty.

Kambrook 1.5 BPA Free Glass

Kambrook BPA-Free Glass Kettle
The Kambrook Glass Kettle is a glass kettle but has many of the features as the other kettles, including a hinged lid that opens easily with one touch. It also has a 360° base, boil-dry protection, and a removable and washable filter. This kettle is also cordless. It comes with a 12-month warranty.

Other Considerations

There are some secondary things to consider that could greatly affect your kettle purchase.

Glass Kettles

If you like to see the water boiling or you just have a thing for how glass kettles look, you may want to pay more for a glass kettle. Glass kettles require more maintenance than a non-glass kettle. Because the kettle is made of glass you will see the build-up from your water form more frequently.

Audio Boil Reminder

An electric kettle usually does not whistle when it has finished boiling. This means it can be difficult to know exactly when it is done, which can be frustrating if you are in a hurry. Some kettles have an audio cue to let you know the water is ready.

Better Looks and Matching Products

If you are willing to spend a little more on a kettle, then you may be able to get one that will really fit with the theme of your kitchen.

Electric Gooseneck Kettle

If you are a coffee connoisseur and want a kettle that will make the best cup every time, you may want to consider buying an electric gooseneck kettle. Gooseneck kettles are not included in this review because they are a product for a very specific group.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the choice of which kettle to buy is your choice. Figure out what features are most important to you first. Do you need a kettle that has different temperature settings for tea and coffee? Or are will you be happy without those settings?

If you are someone that needs to have top-of-the-line, different settings for your tea and coffee, and multiple safety features, our top pick is the DeLonghi Distina Digital Kettle.


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