Best Baby Carrier Australia 2023

Whether you are expecting your first baby or another addition to the family, there is no doubt that babies turn our lives upside down. It can sometimes be challenging to keep up with your regular routine and meet your baby's needs. That is where a baby carrier comes in handy. A baby carrier can help you and your baby bond, satisfy the need to snuggle, and keep your hands free for other kids or projects.
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So, this week, we’re picking the best baby carrier Australia 2023.

If ever there is a situation to follow this rule, buying a baby carrier is one of them: do not go out and buy the first baby carrier you see. There are things you need to consider before purchasing a carrier. Budget is always important, but you also need to consider factors like how much you’ll be using the baby carrier. These things will affect the type of carrier you buy.

What we covered…

OUR TOP PICK: BabyBjörn New Baby Carrier One
  • Comfortable and ergonomic carrier perfect for children aged 0-36 months
  • Size adaptable design for the wearer and baby
  • Four ergonomic front and back carrying positions: newborn, baby facing-in, baby facing-out and back carrying

How we picked

At first, I thought I wanted a sling and a wrap-style baby carrier. I never used the sling. I never felt like I got it positioned right, and it never stayed on as I wanted it to. I used my wrap baby carrier more with my second child than with my first, but I found that I enjoyed the wrap baby carrier much more than the sling. Both baby carriers were given to me as gifts, and so I never chose one for myself. Given my somewhat limited experience with baby carriers, I turned to the experts for help.

The team at Cosier went to great lengths to provide a range of baby carriers that have been tested by consumers and experts alike.

What to look for

Now, before we start naming the baby carriers in the 2023 Australian market, there are some other things to talk about first. You need to think about what features you want your baby carrier to have. Baby carriers are not a one-size-fits-all type of item. What may work for one person may not work for you and your lifestyle.


Think about what type of baby carrier you want. There are wraps, baby slings, carriers with rigid frames to them, etc. You can determine which type is best for you by considering the kind of activities you will be doing while wearing the baby carrier. Will you take it outside a lot? Will you be wearing it a lot?

All of these questions will influence the type of baby carrier you end up buying.


Unfortunately, there is no set safety standard for baby carriers in Australia. If you feel the need for a set of standards, you can look up the European EN 13209-2 or the US ASTM F2236. Other than that, do not have a baby carrier that presses your baby’s face against the fabric or your body.

Avoid positioning them with a curved back or with their chin tucked against their chest. Do not use a baby carrier that does not keep your baby’s thigh bone and hip bone in alignment. You can find out if the International Hip Dysplasia Institute recognizes the baby carrier.


See if anyone you know has the baby carrier you are looking at or a similar type/brand. If you end up finding the one you bought uncomfortable, you’ll end up regretting the purchase. Rather than have to return the baby carrier, buy a comfortable one for you and baby the first time around.

Structured carriers will most likely have thick padded straps and waistbands for support. Ideally, the carrier will be adjustable to fit you, and whoever else might use the carrier. Wraps and slings should be made of breathable fabric and evenly distribute your baby’s weight across your body.

Age and Weight Range

Baby carriers are the most helpful to you when your child is small and immobile. Once the child becomes a busy toddler, they will be less willing to stay in the carrier. There are baby carriers that can be used for a newborn with an insert, and there are ones that do not need the insert.

Ideally, you would want the carrier that does not need an insert, so there is one less thing for you to keep track of. Make sure you are aware of the weight limit on the baby carrier. You need to know how big your baby needs to be before you can start using the carrier, and you need to know when the kiddo is too big.

Ease of Care

Every baby is messy, and there will be times when he or she spits up or has a diaper overflow issue in the carrier. You want to make sure to have a baby carrier that is easy to clean. For me, that means it is machine washable.

Carrying Positions

Some carrying positions may be a luxury to you, but you want to make sure that your baby carrier has more than one position. You do not want to spend a lot of money on a carrier that only allows you to carry the baby in one position.

Fabric Choices

Some carriers can be purchased in a variety of fabrics. One type that is great for the hot Australian climate is mesh. The fabric is lightweight and breathable. Most baby carriers are made of cotton, which is breathable, but the mesh provides more ventilation.

Structured Support

Purchasing a baby carrier with structured support may well be dictated by your budget, but it is something you should consider. A structured baby carrier is easier to use because you just put it on and pop the baby in. This is much easier than learning how to use wraps before putting the baby in.

Covers or Hoods

One thing to be conscientious about is keeping your precious baby out of the Aussie sun. Most baby carriers have built-in hoods or covers. Other baby carriers will come with the shade cover separately.

Top Baby Carrier in Australia 2023

Top Pick: BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One

BABYBJÖRN New Baby Carrier One Air 2019 Edition

The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier One is a semi-structured baby carrier that gives you four different carrying positions. It also has two different height positions and comes with a built-in infant insert. The carrier is rated for a child from 3.5kgs to 15kgs.

The Baby Carrier One is adjustable in size, seat area, and head support so it can grow with your baby different people can wear it. The shoulder straps and waist have extra padding to help you wear the carrier in comfort. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute approves this carrier for “hip health.”

Close Second:  Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Omni 360

The Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier can be used from newborn to a weight of 3.2kgs with no infant insert. You can use the carrier in four different positions: front facing in, front facing out, hip, and back carry.

The Omni 360 has a bucket seat that adapts as your baby grows. This means that your baby’s hips will always be given the proper support and kept in alignment. The baby carrier has been acknowledged for “hip health” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

The baby carrier has a hood to give your baby shade and privacy. The carrier also features crossable shoulder straps, extra lumbar support, multiple color options, and a detachable storage pouch. You can also wear this carrier while breastfeeding. The carrier is rated for a child up to 20kgs.

Runner Up: Hug-a-Bub Original Organic Pocket Wrap Carrier

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The Hug-a-Bub brand is an Aussie product coming to you from Byron Bay. The Original Organic Wrap Carrier cradles your baby from top to toe. The carrier gives you three different positions, but all of them have the baby facing you. It is rated for a baby from 3.5kgs to 14kgs.

The baby carrier is made from 100% certified organic cotton, which makes it great for your baby’s skin and the planet. You can machine wash and tumble dry this carrier. It has a pocket that doubles as a self-storage pouch and can expand to become part of the carrier as your baby grows.

If you purchase one of these baby carriers, one tree will be planted for your purchase.

Other Options

MiaMily Hipster Plus 3D

This baby carrier has six different carrying positions for your baby, mixing face in, face out, and back. The Hipster Plus 3D has a 3D hip seat to keep your baby’s hip in the correct position at all times. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute also acknowledges this carrier.

The carrier can hold a child up to 20kgs and has an infant insert, sold separately. The Hipster Plus 3D has a high waist belt to give extra lumbar support and a storage pocket that can be removed to provide extra ventilation. The carrier also includes a headcover, two teething bags, and it is machine washable.

MiaMily Hipster Plus

The MiaMily Hipster Plus baby carrier is made for children from 3 months old to 24kgs. It has six different carrying positions: front facing in, front facing out, hip, and back. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recognizes this baby carrier as “hip-healthy.”

The Hipster Plus is made from 100% polyester. It also has a high waist belt to give the wearer extra support.

Tula Free-to-Grow

Tula Free To Grow

The Tula Free-to-Grow baby carrier has back and front carry positions but does not allow the baby to be front-facing out. It has three width settings and two height settings so the carrier can adjust as your baby grows. The carrier is rated for babies from 3.2kgs to 20kgs. It does not need an infant insert to use with your newborn.

The shoulder straps and wide waistband are padded to give the wearer extra comfort and support. There is even extra leg padding for your baby, so they are comfortable being in the carrier for long periods. There is a removable hood to keep the sun off your baby and give you privacy while breastfeeding.

Pognae No. 5 Plus All-in-One

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The Pognae No. 5 Plus All-in-One baby carrier is the most expensive in this review. This item is a “luxury” baby carrier. It is intended for a newborn up to a child weighing 20kgs. It has several carrying positions and can be used as a hip seat and hip seat carrier.

The No. 5 Plus has an outer fabric that is water and wind-resistant while the lining is organic cotton. It has two different hoods, teething pads, and a dribble bib. The shoulder straps are adjustable, and it has a mesh back panel.

Beco Gemini

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The Beco Gemini baby carrier gives the wearer four different carrying positions and is rated for a child up to 15kgs. The shoulder straps can be worn in crisscross style or straight like a backpack. You can wear this baby carrier as you breastfeed. It is also machine washable.

Other considerations

Teething Pads and Dribble Guards

Some baby carriers will come with teething pads and dribble guards. These will protect the carrier and your clothing from your baby’s mess. They can be easily detached and washed. However, these items are a luxury feature more than anything.

Storage Pocket

When you are wearing a baby carrier, it can be hard to get to your pockets or reach into a bag. Some baby carriers have a built-in storage pocket. This helps you keep your small essential items close.

The Bottom Line

In the end, the most important thing is that you buy a baby carrier that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. There are many baby carriers on the market, but if you want one that is top of the line and will grow with your baby for a long time, then consider the ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier.

If you are happy with a less structured baby carrier and want to make sure you are purchasing a product produced in Australia, then the Hug-a-Bub Original Organic Pocket Wrap Carrier is the one for you.


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