The Best Aroma Diffusers in Australia, as Picked by Happy Amazon Reviewers

Here at ProductReviewer.com.au, we’re dedicated to selecting, reviewing and comparing the best products available for our Australian audience. Although we’d like to get our hands on every product on the market, it’s not always possible, so we use our Review Roundups to select the products we’d be interested in, based on what previous buyers have said. In this review, we’ve rounded up the best aroma diffusers in Australia, as praised by Australian buyers on Amazon.
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1. ASAKUKI 300ML Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

The Best Oil Diffuser in Australia

The top pick, Rene from Australia believed that this is a great little diffuser. Some buyers, like Sarah from Amazon, use the aroma diffuser to relax while falling asleep since the sound of water trickling is soothing. Another feature that received praise is the lights.

It is adjustable and has a nice option where you can even switch it off. Mihaela, a buyer from Australia, even puts the diffuser in her daughter’s bedroom overnight, since it has a night light. In addition, she found the instructions 'simple and clear' while the diffuser is 'easy to use and clean.'

That said, not everyone liked it, especially those who put it inside their office area. Amazon reviewer Chris is a bit disappointed that it is 'not as quiet as he thought it would be', so his company replaced it immediately. At any rate, this aroma diffuser got an awesome 97% positive Amazon reviews!

2. Ioloc 550ml Essential Oil Diffuser

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3. GX·Diffuser Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser

GX·Diffuser Smart Wi-Fi Diffuser, humidifier, Quiet Operation, Works with Alexa & Google Home, APP Voice Control, 300ml Room Humidifier For Yoga, Family and Sleep, Waterless Auto-Off (Half wood grain)

Gil WA from Australia cited that this product is a 'fun and smart diffuser.' This is a 'high tech diffuser' because you can control it using your phone via mobile apps such as Google Home or Alexa.

Amazon buyer Archerwin finds this feature 'really good and convenient.' In fact, he also liked its wood design which ‘perfectly matched his house’s natural wood theme.’ Just like Archerwin, Amazon reviewer Patrick from Australia, agreed that this aroma diffuser has the 'perfect size' compared to others since it can 'easily last up to six hours.'

Not everyone was a fan of the smart design though – Mr. Mu Shah, an Amazon buyer, had a hard time ‘connecting the app and enabling the product’s smart features.’ He thinks the product should come with a detailed guide on how to pair the product. That said, that was the only negative Amazon review for this aroma diffuser.

4. K KBAYBO 550ml Essential Oil Diffuser

KBAYBO 550ml Aroma Diffuser Cool Mist Air Humidifier Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Wood Grain,7 Color Changing, LED Mood Light for Home Yoga Spa Office Bedroom Baby Room(Dark Wood Grain)

Sub from Australia thought this diffuser is a 'satisfying product.' Mark Ando, another Amazon buyer, thought the same because the aroma diffuser is a 'large unit.' To reiterate this, he mentioned that a 'full size glass of water' can fill it so the mist 'lasts a while.'

Aside from its capacity, Amazon reviewers like Martin Beattie liked the fact that the diffuser can change colors but it also has the option to ‘choose only one color.’ In addition, Martin appreciated that remote control works very well so the features of the diffuser are easy to monitor.

However, one Amazon customer said that the product is noisy and that there was a 'constant electric hum' while it’s functioning. Another shopper added that there is a 'pretty loud beep sound' whenever the diffuser stops or when colors have been changed. Despite these problems, one buyer mentions that she experienced great customer service from the seller.

5. AstiVita Essential Oil Diffuser 500ml

AstiVita Essential Oil Diffuser 500ml - 5 in 1 Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser- Fragrant Oil - Vaporiser - Humidifier - Oil Dispenser for Yoga and Spa

Compared to other diffusers, this one is plain when it comes to design, but its positive reviews easily earned it a place as one of the best diffusers in Australia.

That plainness is also a plus point for some, as it 'looks sleek, works well, and smells fresh,' according to Maxim from Australia. It can function for a long time because it is a 'big diffuser' according to the reviews of Ray and Harry, both from Australia.

Harry added that the diffuser ‘spews a lot of mist’, that can fill up one room (you might also check out our quest for the best humidifier, if that’s what you’re after), and the diffuser is ‘very easy to fill and clean.’ However, one customer encountered a problem while filling up because she is afraid that the ‘unit will tip off very easily,’ a disaster especially if the product’s ‘AC adapter is plugged in’, according to her. Despite some negative reviews, Amazon reviewer Arz is very satisfied – even his ‘friends loved it as well,’ which is why he ordered five units!

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