Sophie Bell

best coffee pod machine australia

Coffee capsule machines offer espresso-machine quality coffee with none of the mess, and often at a much lower price point. But which coffee pod machine should you plump for to get the maximum taste experience at the most economical price point?

best coffee machines in australia

Buying a good espresso machine is a minefield – there are so many options, at so many price points. Our coffee expert Sophie Bell rounds up the best, crowning Australia’s best coffee machine 2020.

best coffee grinders for australians

A decent coffee grinder makes or breaks at-home espresso, but it’s hard to know which model to pick from the burgeoning Australian market. Our coffee expert Sophie Bell takes a deep dive.

best slow cooker australia

A slow cooker can revolutionise your cooking, buying you time and money by tenderising meat throughout the day. We take a look at the pick of the slow cookers available on the Australian market today.

best microwave in australia

A microwave is considered an essential piece of kitchen equipment, but there’s a world of difference between a cheap low-power food heater and an all-singing, all-dancing microwave oven with multiple cook modes. We take a look at some of Australia’s best microwaves, picking out which models have the rays you want your food to be soaking in for 2020.