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Woolworths far from being ‘the fresh food people’ as consumers find mouldy food being sold

Woolworths have never been the ‘Fresh Food People’ and quite frankly it surprises me that it is only coming to light in the public now. 2 years ago I purchased steak from Woolworths, paid a premium price and it had an expiry date of 1 week away from the purchase date. Brought the steak home, placed it in the fridge. Around lunchtime the following day I took the steak out to cook, only ...

Coles Wyoming shut down self-service checkouts in order to target theft

Coles Wyoming has shut down and blocked access to all self-service checkouts this morning despite the machines being powered on and functional, all in a bid to reduce store theft. Shopping at 9 AM this morning was, in fact, a nightmare with queues of people waiting to be served by just 2 cashiers that Coles had on. Not only was the service slow, but the cashiers were also rude. Keep up the attitud...

Sydney Trains changed timetable without notifying customers

Sydney Trains October 2018 Timetable Changes If you catch the train to work daily then you might have noticed a sneaky timetable change that Sydney Trains purposely forgot to tell you about. I’ve spoken to a number of very pissed off customers on the Central Coast where the timetable changes seem to have been implemented. The timetable change was positioned after the October long weekend mea...

Sydney Trains Ticket Inspector Badge 1445

Sydney Trains Ticket Inspector with Badge 1445 has been found to be intimidating passengers and fraudulently providing fines. On the 02/10/2018 Badge 1445 provided a fine to a passenger who was legally in possession of an Opal concession card and valid concession. It is advised that any attempt by badge 1445 to hand out any further fines to any passengers should be shut down and simply ignored. An...

Man banned from Woolworths Gosford for providing a choking elderly lady with water

Central Coast resident Sam has been shopping at his local Woolworths for 15 years, but he never imagined being banned from the supermarket for doing a good deed in assisting an elderly lady who was choking. On Saturday the 15th of September 2018, Sam was walking into Woolworths at the Gosford Imperial Shopping Centre to purchase a few items, when he noticed an elderly lady choking and having some ...

Point Clare Chinese Take Away allegedly recycled food as used toothpick found in rice

Wednesday the 26th September 2018, A woman from Tascott allegedly found a used toothpick in her fried rice. While there are a number of ways a used toothpick could have found its way into food, the most common is through recycled food. That’s right, when one customer does not finish their fried rice, sticks their used toothpick in the food when done, the fried rice is then reheated and serve...

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The Sunken Monkey Erina

The Sunken Monkey may be better known as the Woodport Inn. It’s a popular venue for the young and is often the subject of violent behaviour after 11 PM. Just recently ‘The Sunken Monkey’ at Erina was ranked equal third-worst by NSW Liquor and Gaming on the Violent Venues List. In order to get on this list, the Sunken Monkey has had 16 Violent assaults in just 12 months. I, as a p... User Reviews



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