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Penny Grey Real Estate Agent

Penny has worked in the Terrey Hills/Duffys Forest area for the last 10 years and has built a long-standing reputation for herself and prides herself in the customer service she provides to her clients. Penny’s boss is Shayne Hutton, contactable on 0400 420 000 Skills & expertise Residential sales Property management Customer service Penny Grey has been in the industry since 1980 Contact...

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some basic hygiene wouldn’t hurt

In store at 7 pm friday, about to order and staff touching his face, wiped his face with a towel and then picked up utensils with the towel. Honestly, i just walked out.



Soft dough, not cooked properly

Ordered last week the meat lovers and a capriosa. The meat lovers was overcooked and a little charred, and the capriosa was soft, doughy and not cooked properly. Amazing how they screwed both Pizzas and my Saturday night



Smokin Joe’s Pizza & Grill – Glen Waverley

  Smokin Joe’s Pizza and Grill in Glen Waverly is a Pizza & Grill place that we’ve tried and tested on multiple occasions. We’d like to say good things about this place, unfortunately, the quality and experience are never consistent. Our first, third and fourth visit saw us receive soft, doughy pizza that was not really edible. Ribs overcooked on multiple occasions, some...

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Our Experience Full story coming soon.. Overall We found SocietyOne to be a waste of time with little results on more than one occasion, where a broker was able to step in from a different company and provide the results we needed. Would we ever choose SocietyOne again? NO Contact Details Email: [email protected] Website:

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Anthony’s Seafood & Burgers

We were out for a Sunday morning drive looking for a bit of 4WD action, whether it was a beach or Nation Park really didn’t matter. We passed a sign that said Winner Best Fish Burger, Anthony’s Seafood and Burgers. We knew we had to stop and try this burger, plus we were getting a little hungry. Up to the nearest roundabout and around we went, right back to Anthony’s Seafood and ...

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