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ARTBYMARK – Graphic and Webdesign

Central Coast Graphic Design Agency dedicated to your creative needs. Visually appealing graphic design across every aspect of advertising create a lasting impression and reflect the effort you put into your business and your clients. Our many years of marketing experience can steer you through the hurdles of branding a new business identity or refreshing an existing one. Websites Clean graphical ...

Woolworths Plays Robin Hood, Stealing from the better off and giving to the poor

There have been numerous people report on social media that they have received items for free while shopping at Woolworths. One lady was given her entire shopping trolley full of groceries for free, while other people have been given free ham, trolleys full of meat and toys. “I was at a Woolies yesterday (Bracken Ridge Qld) and they stopped an old lady shopping next to me and gave her all the meat...

Sydney Trains whistle blow causing damage to passengers ears

The whistle blow of a train departing has become the centre of attention and concern for many, especially if you happen to be standing within 1 meter when the whistle is sounding. For one Sydney sider, he’s said he has had enough of Sydney Trains lack of consideration for passenger wellbeing. It may seem like a minor dilemma, but in fact, it’s not really. Having a whistle blown within ...

KFC Introduce Zinger Brain Burger to Aussie Menu

KFC introduce Zinger Brain Burger to aussie menu

Sydney siders moving to the Central Coast warned not to expect much when it comes to dining out

When making the decision to move to the Central Coast you might be all wrapped up with the idea of being close to the beaches and the price of houses a bit more affordable than Sydney prices. All this soon fades away when you realise that when it’s a great day for the beach, everyone else is doing the same and the beaches are packed. You soon forget about the beach and get your own pool. Din...

Losers of the Internet and Facebook Bullies

We’ve all come across those losers on the internet who think it’s okay to troll other peoples profiles and comment when they don’t necessarily agree with someone else’s opinion. Jenny Noble and Loren Cooney recently commented of the profile of a Facebook user for not liking Woolworths. Jenny Noble stooped low to say “Check out his FB Page. Looks to me like dirty sleez...

Problems with slow internet? It’s probably your subpar wifi modem/router

70% of all Australian’s are facing a similar issue of slow NBN Internet connections. It can be quite easy to play the blame game and point your finger at your Internet Service Provider. We’ve done some research into various NBN connections and various routers to see just what routers performed better. What became apparent in our testing is that a subpar modem/router will actually cause...

What the iSheet? Apple’s latest invention is in bed with you

Apple’s latest invention is not a spreadsheet, but a smart bed cover that watches users while they sleep. It is intended to track heart rate, breathing and body temperature. The smart bed cover is a multi-sensor system that connects to a wireless touchscreen control panel and shows users their vital signs on a display board. Now users can track how much they toss and turn at night and analys...

Woolworth’s is going the way of Masters Home Improvement.. Gone

Despite Woolworths having a strong last quarter in sales, the marketplace dynamic has changed a lot since then and it is causing Woolworths to experience a decline in sales. is adding to this pressure by offering pantry goods and a fast-growing food and produce area of business. Some pantry goods are sold at 50% cheaper than Woolworths can muster up. It’s looking bleak for Wool... beating Woolworths and Coles in price war

Amazon Australia is stepping up pressure on Woolworths and Coles by adding food and beverages to its non-food pantry range last month, Amazon Australia is now undercutting Woolworths and Coles by as much as 50 per cent on household staples and quickly capturing a foothold in the market. Woolworths has said was selling food and groceries at lower prices than Australia’s largest ...

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